Episode 21: Ayakashi, Gantz and Karin all Shuffle’d up.

We’ve got a great epsiode for you this week. We review Gantz, Ayakashi, Shuffle and Karin. We also bring you the news and review Bleach and Naruto.

Gantz – Wait until it comes to the US and Netflix it. For the Manga-Download Now!
Shuffle – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.
Karin – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.
Ayakashi – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.

Show Notes:

Jifty wins our first trivia contest
Congratulations to Jifty for correctly answering the questions.
Q1: What is the gun that Rally Vincent uses?
A: CZ-75 9mm Automatic
Q2: What is the main character of the spinoff series?
A: The main character of Riding Bean was Bean Bandit
look forward to the next trivia contest next week.

Ishikawa at CU-Boulder
Production IG founder Mitsuhisa Ishikawa will discuss the creation and proliferation of anime next Friday at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Thanks to Pythos for the heads-up.

JASDAQ release reveals new Ghost in the Shell details
host in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society will run for 100 minutes and be released this summer, according to Production IG’s disclosure on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Anime Unleashed Unscheduled
G4’s anime block is “not currently being scheduled.” No word on when, or if, it will return.

Adult Swim Expands
Adult Swim is expanding four nights a week to begin at 10:30pm EST instead of 11, according to TV Week.

Naruto Trading Cards
Inkworks is releasing a 72-card Naruto trading card series on March 29. The cards will come in 9-card packs and retail at $1.99. Through May 12, Inkworks is also giving away free Naruto promo cards through its site.

A-Kon has announced musical guest KOTOKO. The con runs June 9-11 in Dallas.

Ghibli co-founder Interview
Ghibli World has an interview with Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata. The interview covers the themes of Grave of the Fireflies and Pom Poko, as well as Takahata’s upcoming plans.

Funimation Creates Syndicated Anime Block
Funimation has created a two-hour anime block for syndication. The first network to carry the block will be CoLours TV, which will run it 7 days a week from 10pm to midnight EST. Shows and starting dates are unknown; CoLours TV’s online schedule, which runs through April 9, currently does not show the block scheduled.

xxxHOLiC Nominated for Annecy
Production IG’s xxxHOLiC film has been selected for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, joining Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and three other feature films. The festival, which runs June 5 to 10, accepted a total of 260 films and programs out of 1732 applications from 62 countries.

Trailer Watch: Prince of Tennis, Joshikousei Girl’s High
Trailers for Joshikousei Girl’s High and the Prince of Tennis movie are available here and here.

New Digimon Set for Summer 07 Debut in US
Sources inside Bandai America” expect the Digimon Savers anime and its accompanying toys and card game to reach the US in summer 2007, ICv2 reports.

Shakugan no Shana Film Forthcoming
JC Staff will be producing a Shakugan no Shana theatrical film. No release date was announced.

Lots of New Anime Sites
Upcoming anime Chocoto Sister, Kemonozume, Le Chevalier D’Eon, Otogi-Jushi Akazukin Fairy Musketeers, Saint October, Taiyo no Mokushiroku, Tekkon Kinkurito, Tokimeki Memorial, Tokyo Tribe 2






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