Episode 22: Kino takes a Drifting Journey through Tokyo to see RahXephon

We’ve got a great show this week. We review Kino’s Journey, Tokyo Drifter and RahXephon. Also, the long-awaited third installment of Mist Finer’s Whine Time.

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Trans World Bid for Musicland Approved
The US Bankruptcy Court in New York has approved Trans World Entertainment’s acquisition of 400 Musicland stores. After the transaction closes Monday, 65 stores will be liquidated. About half of the remaining 335 will be Suncoast, and half will be Sam Goody.

Digital Manga Fall, Winter Yaoi Releases
Digital Manga is releasing Cold Sleep on August 8, Kissing, Rin!, and The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes on October 25; and Hero Heel on November 8. All the titles will be listed under their new June Yaoi imprint.

Manga Hits Japanese Mobile Phones
A BBC article explains the growing trend of publishing manga on mobile phones in Japan, including how Yuu Yoshi’s Deep Love moved from mobile to print to theatrical film.

Voltron Finally on DVD?
Cryptic message on official site counts down to “V-Day”

Seiji Mizushima Comes to AX
Anime Expo has announced Fullmetal Alchemist director Seiji Mizushima will appear at the convention, which takes place July 1-4 in Anaheim, California.

Miyazaki Makes a Clock
Hayao Miyazaki is designing a big copper clock (33ft. x 59ft.) for the NTV tower in Tokyo. Sculptor Shachimaru Kunio, who created the robot on the roof of the Studio Ghibli Museum, will make the clock. It is scheduled to be done in mid-July.

Hiroshi Miyagawa Dies
Composer Hiroshi Miyagawa passed away Tuesday at the age of 75. Miyagawa was best known for his Star Blazers and Arrow Emblem Grand Prix no Taka scores.

Free Advent Children Screening in LA
Square Enix and Sony are sponsoring a free screening of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children at 7 p.m. on April 3 at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles. Key production staff and cast are scheduled to appear after the screening.

IFC Anime Documentary Online
As part of Samurai 7’s April 1 premiere on the network, the Independent Film Channel has commissioned a documentary series on anime’s popularity in the US. It is available here by scrolling to “Anime in the USA.”

Tokyo Anime Fair: Award Winners


Pokemon Voice Actors Replaced with Sound-Alikes
According to several confirmed sources, the entire Pokemon voice cast is being replaced for the Tenth Anniversary Special and following seasons. “We who work on the show care very much about it and are heartbroken over the possibility of not continuing production,” says Veronica Taylor, who has played Ash since 1998. “Unfortunately we have no say in what is going on. We are simply forced to wait for the outcome.”

Adult Swim Acquires Eureka 7
Adult Swim has listed an April 14 online premiere for Eureka 7. The midnight Saturday/Sunday morning slot on April 15/16 is also listed as “TBD” on Adult Swim’s TV schedule.

Eureka 7 Premiere Banner Pulled

Adult Swim has removed from its site a banner announcing Eureka 7’s April 14 online premiere.

Howl’s Moving Castle Cracks Top 10
Disney’s release of Howl’s Moving Castle debuted at #9 on Video Business Magazine’s DVD sales charts two weeks ago. Last week, the DVD stayed strong at #11.


Kino’s Journey

Tokyo Drifter


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