Episode 24: Rozen Maiden Champloo’s Keroro Gunsou’s Samurai

This week we’ve got lots going on, from the return of Rukia, to a report from Rangiku. We review Rozen Maiden, Keroro Gunsou and Samurai Champloo.

Rozen Maiden – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Keroro Gunsou – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Samurai Champloo – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes:

Trivia Contest

Since no one has answered the questions from Episode 22. We’ve upped the prize and added two more questions. Send the answers to all eight questions to animepulse@gmail.com and you can win the following prizes:

A statue of Winry
A statue from Ghost in the Shell

Question 1: What car does George drive in Paradise Kiss?
Question 2: In Kino’s Journey, who is Hermes named for? (No, not the greek god)
Question 3: What are the calibers of the two guns that Kino carries in Kino’s Journey?
Question 4: In the first volume of Battle Angel Alita manga, what is the famous robot (from a famous American Sci-Fi series) in the basement of Doc Ito’s lab?
Question 5: In RahXephon, how are Itsuki and Ayato related?
Question 6: In RahXephon, how are Maya and Quon related?
Question 7: List the titles that Akira’s father holds in Hikaru no Go.
Question 8: What was the name of the Inui drink in the Bowling Episode of Prince of Tennis?


Naruto Marathon Next Week
Cartoon Network will show four episodes (3 new) of Naruto back-to-back on Saturday, April 15 starting at 8pm Eastern.

Bleach Set for September Adult Swim Debut
Bleach‘s Fall 2006 debut on Adult Swim has now been narrowed to September.

Naruto Uncut Preview for Shonen Jump Subscribers
Shonen Jump subscribers will receive a Naruto uncut preview DVD in the July issue, according to the latest Shonen Jump newsletter. The first Naruto uncut box set streets on July 4.

MIT Anime Symposium
MIT is holding a free anime symposium, Violence and Desire in Japanese Popular Culture, on Friday and Saturday. Details are available here.

CLAMP at Anime Expo
Funimation has announced that CLAMP will be attending Anime Expo 2006 as guests of honor.

Dark Horse Offers Free Comic-Con Trip
Dark Horse Comics is offering a free trip to Comic-Con International in San Diego, including airfare and hotel. To register for the contest, sign up at Dark Horse.com before May 31.

New Cyborg 009 Anime
Aniplex is developing a 009-1, according to Oricon Magazine. The new anime is based on Shotaro Ishinomori‘s manga, “009-1”, which is not related to his Cyborg-009 manga.

Nobuo Uematsu Coming to Chicago
Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu will join Yasunori Mitsuda, Akira Yamaoka, and several other composers at the world premiere PLAY! concert on May 27 in Chicago. Tickets are available here

Anime Rental Site Shutting Down
AnimeForest.com closing three years after launch

Manga Cafe + 34 Days + 16 Yen = Bad Idea
Kiyoshi Ikeda, 37, was arrested for fraud today after staying at a manga cafe in Gifu for over a month. The cafe handed him over to police after asking him to pay a bill and discovering he was carrying only 16 yen. He allegedly failed to pay about 150,000 yen (US$1266 approx.) in fees. After ordering a grilled beef dinner on March 10, he reportedly survived on only coffee and toast every morning.

Hyde in Anaheim Confirmed
The Ticketmaster listing for Hyde’s July 2 concert at Anaheim’s House of Blues has returned. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 1pm Eastern.

Cartoon Network Creating In-House Department for Tv Movies & Mini-Series
Cartoon Network is creating an in-house longform department that will be overseen by Ramsey Naito, who previously supervised the development, production and marketing of Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, Rugrats in Paris and Rugrats Gone Wild.


Rozen Maiden
Keroro Gunsou

Samurai Champloo

New Series

Glass no Kantai – La Legende du vent de l’univers
Yoshinaga-san chi no Gargoyle
Utawareru Mono
Ah! My Goddess Season 2
Tsubasa Season 2 4/29

Podcast Promos

Ninja Consultant Podcast
Anime World Order

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