Episode 26: The Card Captoring Cluster Edge and Utawarerumono

This week we review Utawarerumono, Cluster Edge and Card Captor Sakura. We get some more fanmail, and announce our new donation/advertising program.

Utawarerumono – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Cluster Edge – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Card Captor Sakura – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers

Show Notes


In the Saiyuki review I mixed up a couple names. Sha Goyjo was the 1/2 breed and Cho Hakkai was the human who became a demon.
Tween is 9-12, not 19-20


Animate Group Acquires Biblos Catalog
BE x BOY magazine to return

Death Note Movie Full Trailer Available
A full length theatrical trailer for the first live action Death Note movie is now available in streaming Windows Media format.

Sailor Moon Movie News False
Several news sites have repeated a rumor that the latest issue of Animage reports Lindsay Lohan and Joss Whedon will be involved in a Fox produced live-action Sailor Moon movie. ANN has verified that neither the April nor May issue of Animage says any such thing. Joss Whedon is currently slated to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, due out in 2007. No cast details for that film have been announced.

Idoru Anime?
William Gibson’s Idoru book is expected to be adapted into an anime film, according to Now Playing magazine. No details are given other than the involvement of scriptwriter Alex Steyermark.

Star Blazers Goes Hollywood
Benderspink and producer Josh C. Kline are teaming to adapt Star Blazers into a live-action film. No production timetable has been announced.

New Battle Angel Manga Series in Development
A note at the end of Ultrajump MegaMix Vol. 1 says Gunnm (Battle Angel) Alita will be taking a 3 month hiatus for the creator to develop a new series, Gunnm Gaiden, for the next issue of MegaMix.

Anime Boston Guests
Anime Boston has announced five new guests, including their first two Japanese guests for the 2005 event, voice actress Sumi Shimamoto and character designer Shuzilow.HA. A full list of Anime Boston’s guests (announced to date), is available here. Anime Boston takes place May 26-28 at the Hynes Convention Center.

Toonami & Viz Partner to Offer Anime Online
Toonami Jetstream, a partnership between Cartoon Network and Viz Media, will launch on July 17. The ad-supported site will offer free, full-length episodes of shows including Naruto, Samurai Jack, Hikaru No Go, MAR, and The Prince of Tennis. ICv2 News reports that Toonami Jetstream will also host the American premier of Zoids Genesis. The site will be refreshed with new episodes weekly, and will offer an archive of previously run episodes.
ICv2 has published an interview with Viz Media Executive Vice President John Easum regarding the Toonami Jetstream partnership.

Madman Announces New Licenses for Australian Market
At last weekend’s Supanova Brisbane, Madman Entertainment announced that Gundam Seed Destiny and Eureka 7 have both been acquired. Both are planned to be released in August 2006 and Madman is also looking at releasing the OST for Eureka Seven. Additionally Naruto is confirmed for Australia, planned for an October 2006 release and 100% guaranteed to be uncut and bilingual.

Guitar Vader Pulls out of Fanime
Lead singer has “serious illness”

Nintendo Revolution official name is Wii

Ghibli is #1 Consumer Brand in Japan
Studio Ghibli ranked first in the Business to Consumer market category of Nikkei BP’s Brand Japan 2006 survey, narrowly beating Toyota. Ghibli took 2nd place in 2005 and 5th place in 2004.

Animax Crashes Korea on Saturday
Sony Pictures Television International and Korean satellite TV broadcaster SkyLife will launch Animax in Korea on April 29 to a subscriber base of about 1.9 million. Gankutsuou, Otogi Zoshi, Monkey Typhoon, Tweeny Witches, and Galaxy Angel are among the shows that will run exclusively (in Korea) on the network.

America Gets Screwed
Panik House is releasing Teruo Ishii’s Screwed on July 26. The live-action film is an adaptation of Yoshiharu Tsuge‘s Neji-Shiki manga.

Anime at Cannes
The first episode of Tokko, which aired in Japan on April 15, is expected to screen at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The episode will screen on May 19 and 23, subtitled. A subtitled trailer of Production I.G’s Le Chevalier D’Eon will also be screened (both titles are produced by Shochiku). The 59th Cannes Film Festival runs May 17 to 28. Tokko will be distributed in North America by Manga Entertainment, no North American distributor for Chevalier D’Eon has been announced.



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Card Captor Sakura

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