Episode 27: Lingerie Princess^2 wo Sagashite

This week we review some great series. Batou does Princess Princess, Chigo does Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose, and I do Full Moon wo Sagashite.

Princess Princess – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose – Wait until it hits the US and Netflix it/Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Full Moon wo Sagashite – Download Now!

Show Notes

New Voice Clips
Thanks to Scott Fletcher for his great work on our new one-liners. Check him out for your voice acting needs.


Advent Children #2 on VideoScan
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ranked a “surprise” #2 on VideoScan’s First Alert sales chart in its first week, beating the DVD premieres of Tristan & Isolde (#4), Match Point (#7), and Casanova (#8). Exact sales figures were not available.

Hikaru no Go and Shingu on iaTV
Hikaru no Go will premiere on iaTV this coming Tuesday. It will be aired with Japanese dialogue and subtitles every Tuesday at 8pm and re-aired with the dub Saturdays at noon. Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars will premiere at 8:30pm on Tuesday May 9 subbed. Both will be completely uncut. Hikaru no Go will also include the “Go Go Igo!” live action instructional segments.MIT Japanese Culture Symposium Recording Online

MIT Japanese Culture Symposium Recording Online
Anime Pulse now hosts a transcript and audio recording of three of the lectures presented at the recent MIT “Violence and Desire in Japanese Popular Culture” academic symposium. Transcripts and an audio recording are available for Professor Anne Allison of Duke University on Pokemon capitalism and desire, CPM founder John O’Donnell speaking on otaku entrepreneurs and anime distribution in the US, and MIT professor Ian Condry on fansubs, piracy and global media.Mick Takeuchi Coming to Anime Expo (2006-05-02 09:16:55)

Mick Takeuchi Coming to Anime Expo
Mick Takeuchi, creator of Her Majesty’s Dog, will attend Anime Expo as a Guest of Honor. The convention runs July 1-4 in Anaheim.

Tokyopop Starts Young Adult Fiction Line
Tokyopop is launching a line of young adult fiction under the Pop Fiction imprint. The first titles will be Scrapped Princess, Kino no Tabi: Book One of The Beautiful World, and Witches’ Forest: The Adventures of Duan Surk. The books are scheduled to street in October.

Watanabe Interview Audio Online
The CBC’s Pedro Mendes conducted a 13-minute interview with Shinichiro Watanabe while the Samurai Champloo director was in Detroit. Audio of the full interview, which discusses how hip hop culture intersects with Samurai Champloo, is available here.

Details on Hayao Miyazaki’s Next Film Tomorrow
TBS’s News23 program conducted a 15 minute interview with Hayao Miyazaki for its May 5 edition. The program guide says, “Hayao Miyazaki talks about ‘Japanese children’ on Children’s Day… and his next film!” Studio Ghibli has noted that tomorrow’s News23 is “unmissable.”

Hyde Adds Hollywood, Fillmore Gigs
L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Hyde will appear at Hollywood’s House of Blues on July 3 and the Fillmore in San Francisco on July 6. This is in addition to his perviously announced concerts at House of Blues Anaheim and Slim’s in San Francisco on July 2 and July 5. Tickets go on sale Sunday at 1pm Eastern.

LA Area College to Display Banned Manga Book
Barstow Community College orders copies of Paul Gravett’s Manga, 60 Years Of Japanese Comics following its removal from local libraries.

Oh! My Goddess Pre-Order for $29
AnimEigo has received their first shipment of the Oh! My Goddess OAV Collector’s Edition and is selling it from their website for $29.95 ahead of the regular June release. The SRP in June will be $39.98. An upgrade for people who bought the original DVDs is available for $15.


Full Moon wo Sagashite

Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose

Princess Princess

Download Now

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