Episode 32: UG☆Ultimate Girl Tactics

Another classic episode this week. Batou and I do the news and review Bleach, Naruto, Tactics and UG☆Ultimate Girls.

UG☆Ultimate Girls – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Tactics – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes


Gatchaman CG Film in Production
Imagi Animation Studios and Tatsunoko Production will produce a Gatchaman CG-animated film for theatrical release in the US. The film will be written and directed by Kevin Munroe, who is also writing and directing Imagi’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CG movie.

Live Action Devilman Acquired
Media Blasters has picked up the 2004 Devilman live-action film. No release details are available yet.

Witchblade Acquired, Positioned for Adult Swim
Funimation has acquired the Witchblade anime, according to an announcement by Top Cow’s Matt Watkins last weekend at WizardWorld Philadelphia. Watkins also said Funimation is in talks with Cartoon Network to air the series on Adult Swim.

Ask CLAMP Online
Anime Expo has opened an Ask CLAMP form, with which fans may submit questions to be answered at CLAMP‘s panel on July 2.

New CLAMP/Sunrise Anime Confirmed
So it was true after all! A CLAMP-influenced mecha anime? I’m game for that. We described a few of the staff members (along with brief lists of the… full story »

Orange Road on Moratorium
AnimEigo has revealed that its distribution license for the Kimagure Orange Road television series, OAV series, and first motion picture will expire in late July. AnimEigo reportedly tried to renew the license, but was unable to do so. Orange Road DVDs currently in circulation will remain in circulation, but as of the end of next month, AnimEigo will not be able to distribute the series any longer.

Production I.G to Produce Guardian of the Sacred Spirit
As reported in our article about D-Rights’s investment into Geneon, Production I.G is producing an anime TV series called Guardian of the Sacred Spirit. The series will be directed by Kenji Kamiyama and will premiere on NHK in the Spring of 2007.

Tales From Earthsea To Hit Japan In July
It’s been announced that Studio Ghibli’s Tales From Earthsea (Gedo Senki) will open in Japanese theaters on July 29. For the record, it took about sev… full story »

Japan Faces Shortage Of Ramen Workers
Venturing slightly off the beaten path, Mainichi has an article about the need for more ramen workers. There’s even an online Ramen Employment Agency; it’s run by noodle expert Hiroshi Osaki, who has eaten at 14,000 different ramen joints across Japan.

New Death Note Movie Trailer
Here’s your chance to see the latest Death Note movie promo, complete with some footage of the full-CG Ryuk in motion. It recycles scenes from the pre… full story »

American Battle Royale Remake
Ain’t It Cool News reports that New Line Cinema and producers Neal Moritz and Roy Lee have plans for “an extremely hard R, serious-minded” remake of Battle Royale. There’s no director or screenwriter yet, so who knows whether this thing will get off the ground…

A Second Season of Fruits Basket?
Many a Furuba fan has wanted the Japanese to do a second season of the smash-hit shoujo series, and according to a Q&A the folks over at Animetiqu… full story

Dating A Yaoi/BL Fangirl
In Japan, a yaoi/BL fangirl might ironically refer to herself as a fujoshi, which can be translated as “rotten woman.” One Japanese man runs a quirky blog about the experience of dating a fujoshi, and Akadot has posted a few key portions of an amusing interview with him.



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