Episode 38: Hot girl love, martial arts, dog gods and slice of life. What more could you want?

This week we review Simoun, Inukami, Binbou Shimai Monogatari and Tenjou Tenge. Along with the news and our normal reviews.

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Show Notes


kki Tousen Author Comes to Comic-Con
Yuji Shiozaki will attend Comic-Con International for an autograph session and the unveiling of his new figure collection. The convention runs July 20-23 in San Diego.

Bleach Bliss: 30 Second Movie Trailer
The first trailer for Bleach: Memories of Nobody is now online. The film premieres in December in Japan.

New Kanon Trailer
A new trailer for Kyoto Animation’s new Kanon series is now online. The series starts in October.

Space Tourist to Cosplay in September
You may have heard the rumors that Japanese businessman Daisuke Enomoto will be dressed as Char Aznable when he goes to visit the International Space Station in September. Well, it’s very much the truth and not only that, but he’s actually building a plastic model to take with him during the trip. Talk about your true otaku.

Sgt. Frog Called up for Mobile Service
The latest Gigabyte phone to hit Japan is styled after Sgt. Frog from the Keroro Gunso anime. It’s limited to 2000, so hop on them quickly.

Madhouse in the Mix for Boondocks Season 2
Madhouse has joined the production team for season 2 of Boondocks. “We’re creating a new system on-the-fly to get an authentic anime style but still have it be written with an American comedic sensibility,” creator Aaron McGruder says.

More Black Lagoon Anime Coming
A second Black Lagoon series is in the works, according to Sunday GX Magazine.

Bleach on YTV
Bleach will air this fall on Canada’s YTV.

Production IG CEO Participates in Japan Society Project
Production IG Chairman and CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa recently attended a Japan Society Innovators Project meeting, which included such guests as a current VP of IBM, former senior executive of Hewlett Packard, and founder of Craigslist. The event is chronicled on IG’s site.

Robotech Dub Studio Closes
Intersound Inc., which dubbed anime such as Robotech and Dogtanian in the ’80s, is closing down and auctioning some of its equipment on eBay.

CPM Recall For Out of Print Discs Only
Central Park Media Managing Director John O’Donnel has clarified WEA’s recall notice for ANN: “This notice applies only to older SKU’s of these titles which were released in the past, which we have not been shipping for quite some time.” He also notes Patlabor and Utena are still in print in new versions.

New St. Seiya Hades Anime Announced
Toei’s official St. Seiya homepage has announced plans to produce new anime episodes of the St. Seiya Hades Chapter Inferno storyline. No additional information is available yet.

Detective Conan Goes Live-Action
YTV has announced a live action Detective Conan series. The show will be set before the anime series.

First Conan Movie Out On DVD This Fall
According to Diamond’s Video Vault, FUNimation will release the first Case Closed/Detective Conan movie sometime this fall (probably around October). The full English title is Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper, and it originally hit Japanese theaters in 1997–almost a full decade ago.

Bad Cops in Michigan caught on tape

ANN on G4’s Attack of the Show: Video and Transcript




Binbou Shimai Monogatari

Tenjou Tenge

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