Episode 62: Teppan Shoujo Kyo has the Death Note!

This week heralds the return of Rukia. We review the Live Action Death Note movie #1, Samurai Deeper Kyo and the JDrama Teppan Shoujo Akane. Tune in for the wackiness.

Teppan Shoujo Akane – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Death Note (Live Action Movie) – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Samurai Deeper Kyo – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the disc and piss on the ashes.

Show Notes


Intro – Sakasama No Chou by SNoW from Jigoku Shoujo
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


One Piece Coming Back? Toei Says Maybe
According to an article from Toon Zone, there are rumours that the One Piece anime may have a chance of coming back out with a new dub. Toei stated in… full story

Viz Licenses Death Note Anime for Download
Episodes to be available “soon after they air in Japan”

We Missed Miyazakis birthday!
We’re soooo sorry. Gomenasai.

Sakura-Con Announces First Japanese Guests
Sakura-Con will welcome voice actress Kaori Nazuka, director and designer Hiroshi Nagahama, and creator and director Akitaroh Daichi to its April 6-8 convention in Seattle.

Hotels now available for AX 2007


Miyazaki’s Last Film Subject Revealed?
According to an article from Nausicaa.net, the subject of Hayao Miyazaki’s last film may have been revealed. According to reports, the film may be based off of the Chinese tale “I Lost My Little Boy,” the story of a boy with a heart condition that goes on incredible adventures. As of yet, neither Miyazaki nor Ghibli Studios have confirmed the rumour.

Ouran High School Host Club Video Game Coming to Playstation 2 in Japan
Series to become a love-simulation game aimed at women

Two Live Action Movies Based on Manga Announced
De-View Magazine has announced that Satoshi Yoshida’s shonen bosozoku manga series Arakure Knight and Haruko Kashiwagi’s risque comedy manga Bra Bra Ban Ban will both be adapted into live action feature films.

Shyamalan Signs up for Avatar Trilogy
M. Night Shyamalan has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to write, direct, and produce a trilogy of live-action films based on Nikelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. The project is unrelated to James Cameron’s upcoming film Avatar, which was also announced yesterday.

Spike TV: More Afro Samurai Ratings
Funimation and Spike TV have provided ANN with additional ratings data for Afro Samurai. Thursday’s premiere averaged a 1.1 rating for males 18-49, and 775,000 people watched the 11 p.m. airing. Including two repeats later that night, over 1,666,000 million people saw the episode.

Everythingyaoi.com Now Sells Everything Yaoi
Yaoi Press has merged its online store into a new site, Everythingyaoi.com, which claims to be “the the first store to sell all available yaoi merchandise exclusively.” In addition to Yaoi Press’s publications, the new store features material from eight graphic novel publishers, four anime manufacturers, and two video game companies.

New Naruto Start Date Announced
According to the official TV Tokyo site, Naruto’s reincarnation, Naruto ~ Shippuden! (e. Naruto ~ Hurricane Chronicles!), will be premiering on Japanese airwaves February 15. There has been no word on when the 1-hour Kakashi Gaiden special that is supposed to bridge between the old and new Naruto series will be aired.

Train Man in Hartford Next Month
Densha Otoko will screen February 9-15 at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT.


Teppan Shoujo Akane

Death Note

Samurai Deeper Kyo

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  1. There was a commercial for something in the 32 minute of the show. I was wondering if anyone knew what it was.I can’t make out what she is saying the show was called. It sounded really cool. Please help.

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