Piano Squall Interview – First album GAME launches end of June

We’ve got an interview with Michael Gluck “Piano Squall” regarding his new CD GAME (Game & Anime Music Emotions). Check it out. Also see below for a Youtube link to his FF Battle Medley.

FF Battle Medley

GAME Picture


Under the stage name “Piano Squall”, Michael Gluck performs videogame and anime music piano concerts to raise money for charity. Michael recently announced the launch of his debut album” GAME.

GAME features Michael’s original arrangement and performance of twenty-six theme songs from videogames and anime, including Final Fantasy, Naruto, Super Mario World, InuYasha, Chrono Trigger, Cowboy Bebop, Mega Man, Chrono Cross, Full Metal Alchemist, Tetris, and Evangelion. Highlights include Michael’s signature Final Fantasy Battle Medley, which blends nine Final Fantasy battle themes together into a single spectacular piece.

Michael and the videogame publisher Electronic Arts will collaborate to donate an amount equal to 20% of all profits from GAME to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. But this is not the first time that Michael and his employer have joined forces for charity. In 2006, Michael and EA raised $8,600 for the National MS Society and $4,000 for Race for the Cure through selling “Piano Squall” posters at Michael’s concerts.

“I am always exploring new ways to combine my love of videogame and anime music with my mission to fight Multiple Sclerosis, and I couldn’t be more excited about the launch of GAME,” said Michael. “I watched my grandmother waste away in a chair, completely paralyzed by MS for the last ten years of her life. We must cure this horrible disease as quickly as possible.”

GAME is currently available for pre-order at Michael’s website, www.PianoSquall.com. The price is $9.99 with Free Shipping anywhere in the United States. Those who pre-order will receive a free Bonus Track that is not included on the CD. GAME ships 6/30/07.


About Piano Squall:

Under the stage name “Piano Squall”, Michael Gluck performs videogame and anime music piano concerts to raise money for charity. Since 2003, he has given concerts in sixteen different states to benefit organizations such as The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Race for the Cure, Baltimore Reads, The Maryland Food Bank, The Matthew Foster Foundation, and Tsunami Relief. Michael also donates a portion of all personal proceeds to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society to fight the disease that destroyed his grandmother’s life.

In 2005, Michael performed at the anime convention Otakon for an audience of three thousand people, and later that year, he was featured on MTV’s website in recognition for his contributions to the world of videogame music. In 2007, Michael released his debut album, entitled GAME, which became the first videogame and anime piano solo CD to be published by an independent musician.

Visit Piano Squall online at www.PianoSquall.com.

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