Episode 160: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (this works on so many levels)

When I got my normally scheduled call from Batou this morning, it was instead Tim and Weltall. Despite being in the same room, they had trouble not talking over themselves at first, but figured it out quickly. We then went on to have a great show sans Batou. We discussed the news, the benefits of a posse in Japan, biker Santa, etc… and review Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. Don’t miss this one.

Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes


Intro – Dual! by Haru & Sayaka from Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
Anime News Network
Official Site

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0 Replies to “Episode 160: Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (this works on so many levels)”

  1. ichigo, about some of the similarities between Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure
    and Tenchi Muyo.

    I checked the ANN link above…

    Masaki Kajishima the creator and character designer of Dual! also did the character designs for Tenchi..

  2. I liked Dual when I first saw it, TechTV maybe or something like that, and the opening theme wasn’t bad either. In fact I may have seen it before I saw Eva, I know I was deprived.

    Its funny even though you have expressed negative vibes about crunchy the shows you guys review get a spike in interest a few days after the podcast is released.

    I like using crunchy so i can save HDD space but I won’t be staying after the site changes. Hulu will also be releasing Naruto Shippuden so that would be the place to watch it.

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