Subscriber Chatlog – Episode 161

Wonder what you’re missing as a non-subscriber? It’s lots of wackiness. Here is the first of more (maybe) chatlogs from our ventrilo server before and during the recording of the shows. Next time I will have timestamps, but this time just know that it’s about three hours of chat, starting 50 minutes prior to the start of theO show and going through the end of the AP show. Let me know if you enjoy this. If not I won’t do it again. And please refrain from the tl;dr comments. I realize it’s freaking long.

Read it as you’re listening, maybe you’ll be able to figure out where things happen, next time I will do the time stamps, as well as mark where shows start and end.

‘AP-Ichigo’ has joined the chat.
fallenangel: Ichi hihi
Deathgod: ther he is
Tachikoma08: hiya everybody
Deathgod: techno time 😮
Red_Alchemist: thar be the mutant white jesus
‘Pokedude97’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: wat now
‘Bat0u’ has joined the chat.
fallenangel: attack of the really bad static Ichi
Deathgod: hellos
Pokedude97: im gonna mess around on playstation home until we get started
Red_Alchemist: batzeroyu is here?
fallenangel: Batou I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo miss you 🙁 *cries*
Red_Alchemist: ah dere his is
Deathgod: Colorado looked so sunny today on tv
Tachikoma08: hiya batou
Red_Alchemist: itsn’t it supposed to get balls cold there?
Red_Alchemist: so what’s with the dansu taimu music
‘no_earthly_clue’ has joined the chat.
fallenangel: it snowed in one town here and the next town over it was raining I hate New England
Red_Alchemist: i almost remember that song
Deathgod: they had the mountain dew snowbording comp in Breckenridge today looked cold
Red_Alchemist: but I dont
Red_Alchemist: a
Red_Alchemist: oy ichigo how much is godzilla insurance for one week there
Red_Alchemist: ooh weltall
Red_Alchemist: helo
Pokedude97: hai
ginger_kitty: yes?
Deathgod: heya
Red_Alchemist: that happens to me
fallenangel: I can here you
Deathgod: same
fallenangel: hear*
ginger_kitty: the lights are on but only Ichigo is home. =P
fallenangel: oh
Red_Alchemist: but I thought japan-phone would work better than sprint
Deathgod: only in japan :p
Red_Alchemist: ah
Red_Alchemist: so, ichigo, what anime this week
fallenangel: I hope its a Christmas anime
Deathgod: rofls
fallenangel: read the wiki
Red_Alchemist: interesting, I never realized that
Red_Alchemist: you did say my-hime
‘Bat0u’ has left the chat.
Red_Alchemist: you did that
Red_Alchemist: ow
Red_Alchemist: :S
‘roman734’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: nope
Red_Alchemist: i would remember s-cry-ed
Red_Alchemist: cuz I loved that show
Pokedude97: anyone else hearing static from ichigo?
Red_Alchemist: up until the end
Red_Alchemist: maybe you can review it with weltall
Deathgod: went all dbz at the end
Red_Alchemist: I hear he has somethoughts on s-cry-ed
Red_Alchemist: vandread
fallenangel: Soul Eater review Soul Eater
Red_Alchemist: where we harvest organs
fallenangel: …
Red_Alchemist: you watched up to 7 and then pussied out
Red_Alchemist: ichigo
Red_Alchemist: here’s the problem
Red_Alchemist: with that
Red_Alchemist: funi spammed C&Ds so Rumbel and Tadashi stopped and removed
fallenangel: watched any good Christmas Anime
Red_Alchemist: probably
Red_Alchemist: read the manga. It’s more or less the same
Red_Alchemist: well fuck
fallenangel: damn
Red_Alchemist: read up to about chapter 37, that’s when the anime and manga diverge
‘Bat0u’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: there were some just golden moments in soul eater
fallenangel: no
Red_Alchemist: do it aggot
fallenangel: its on Adult Swin and I just started watching
Deathgod: why not finish it up and get it out of the way :p
Red_Alchemist: soul eater had the best hook in the beginning of ep 1
Deathgod: plug ur ears :p
Red_Alchemist: tell Weltall that Ichigo is considering reviewing s-cry-ed
‘Pokedude97’ has left the chat.
‘Pokedude97’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: Also, ask him about the gdgd contest
Deathgod: untill it has wire across the MB like mine still can keep it alive :p
fallenangel: shh its a secret
Deathgod: better than removing the keyboard ;/
Deathgod: better not be my santa
Deathgod: >< 'Weltall' has joined the chat. Deathgod: heya weltall Weltall: yo yo fallenangel: hihi Deathgod: and get pizza :p fallenangel: i love Italian food 'Faith' has joined the chat. fallenangel: Faith hey I miss you *cries* Faith: hi Fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faith: praying already Deathgod: i feel bad for you batou roman734: eyes are bleeding? ginger_kitty: it's like a train wreck. you can't NOT watch. Deathgod: piccolo isn't green 🙁 fallenangel: acually thanks to CGI he is green now Deathgod: awsome! Deathgod: still going to be bad though fallenangel: trailer here….maybe/
Red_Alchemist: what’s going on?
Red_Alchemist: ooh mustang
Red_Alchemist: hell yes
roman734: i finally saw the trailer and I cried
Red_Alchemist: trailer for what
roman734: checking says no
Red_Alchemist: oh that trailer
Red_Alchemist: I saw that a few weeks ago
Red_Alchemist: as far as i’m concerned that isn’t dragonball
roman734: my expectations have been dropping every day
Red_Alchemist: 0.o
roman734: lucas raped it?
roman734: the last crusade was my favorite
Deathgod: you can run os x on a dell mini 9
Deathgod: 🙂
Red_Alchemist: ok i saw the pic
Red_Alchemist: fucking awesome
fallenangel: Keanu Reeves is Spike Spiegel in the live action Cowboy Bebop movie I feel nothing anymore
Red_Alchemist: TWIST
Deathgod: twisting a twist !
Red_Alchemist: you did love hina, didn’t you?
roman734: loosey
roman734: burst angel
fallenangel: breast angel???
Red_Alchemist: Ichigo needs to introduce himself as M. Night Shamyalamalamalamalamalamalan
Red_Alchemist: Burst Angel: Kyohei and the gravity-defying breasts?
Red_Alchemist: also, is it going to be the conan theme song
roman734: anti-matter implants
fallenangel: 2 shows of Batou <3 Red_Alchemist: anti-matter implants would cause men's penises everywhere to explode roman734: that would be unwanted Deathgod: oh mans its done@! Red_Alchemist: fifty six episodes Red_Alchemist: can't contain him Red_Alchemist: how do you add in the boop-boop? Red_Alchemist: it's going to be screenshots Red_Alchemist: like the one that tim did Red_Alchemist: bakugay or whatever Red_Alchemist: comicon? Red_Alchemist: weltall, how's the contest going Deathgod: much better 🙂 Red_Alchemist: hasn't stopped the forum spammers Red_Alchemist: still a few trickling in Deathgod: those arn't robots per say Red_Alchemist: except for MARINES Red_Alchemist: get some marines guarding your server Red_Alchemist: or maybe some rabid soccer moms Deathgod: feedback Deathgod: ecooo fallenangel: no earthly clue mute your mic Red_Alchemist: that's just everybody Deathgod: min delay Deathgod: Lol Red_Alchemist: i find this entertainig Deathgod: 2X anime-pulse Deathgod: twice as good at 1x Red_Alchemist: wat Deathgod: an eco means we get twice the content of ap Deathgod: all at once Red_Alchemist: what's that about? Red_Alchemist: i don't feel like having a wiki page on lolis in my history Red_Alchemist: hmm 'no_earthly_clue' has left the chat. Red_Alchemist: so it's like the Wizard of Oz but it diverges when the fortune teller takes the girl into his trailer Deathgod: there is a resturant called that in cleveland roman734: takes the girl into his trailer? Deathgod:
Red_Alchemist: just watch the first act of Wizard of Oz
Red_Alchemist: you’ll see what I’m talking bout
Red_Alchemist: i wanna see
Red_Alchemist: I like my
Red_Alchemist: what
Red_Alchemist: i like my version better |:o
Red_Alchemist: Weltall how about that contest
Red_Alchemist: it shoots razor blades covered in lemon juice
Red_Alchemist: we call that weather
Red_Alchemist: just start wearing a transparent mask
Red_Alchemist: happy birthday?
Red_Alchemist: well, adam is jesus
Deathgod: happy ddosing birthday lol
Red_Alchemist: happy birthday here’s some hits for your server
Red_Alchemist: what phone did you end up with?
Deathgod: great way to sell ads to advertisers 1billon hits a day !
Red_Alchemist: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Red_Alchemist: or not
Red_Alchemist: 125?
‘no_earthly_clue’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: wat
fallenangel: 125????
Red_Alchemist: it’s the hanakah episode
fallenangel: 161 ichi
Red_Alchemist: i know because I know jews
Red_Alchemist: i also know mormons so i can sell you your own planet
Deathgod: I’d rather have my moon plot
Red_Alchemist: did it start yet?
Deathgod: about to
Red_Alchemist: so what did weltall say about the contest? I was pulled away from the computer when he answered
Deathgod: said he already talked about it
Red_Alchemist: well now i have to listen to the damn episode again
Red_Alchemist: and margaret thatcher
Deathgod: ahahah
Red_Alchemist: *BATOU
Red_Alchemist: oh, Fate, texas
Red_Alchemist: we also have paris, texas
Deathgod: paris ohio also
Red_Alchemist: I found Carmen Sandiego
Deathgod: 20 min from me
Red_Alchemist: it’s south of houston
Red_Alchemist: how the fuck would you walk like that
Red_Alchemist: also, SomeGuy pretty much 1upped you
Red_Alchemist: well, Ichigo’s wife is a robot, so she wouldn’t care
‘Deafmute42’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: that’s awesome
Red_Alchemist: none for weltall
‘tsukikage’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: He lost the sparkles from earl and fairy
Red_Alchemist: i’m gonna make you
Red_Alchemist: POW
Red_Alchemist: FAAAABULOUS
Red_Alchemist: DBZ and MUSTANG
Deafmute42: that was awesome
tsukikage: where is the tennant riddler?
AP-Ichigo: the watercooler
Red_Alchemist: It’s like that porno link on the bottom of the webpage
Deathgod: as log as your not close to the explosion
Red_Alchemist: with that frightening title
Red_Alchemist: you click it because you hate yourself
Red_Alchemist: and something to do with curiosity
Red_Alchemist: mullshit
‘fallenangel’ has left the chat.
Red_Alchemist: try a green lizard fucker
Deathgod: guns too >< 'Pokedude97' has left the chat. Red_Alchemist: where's keanu? Deathgod: lol roman734: he is emo jesus Red_Alchemist: he's ichigo's jesus Red_Alchemist: very nice Red_Alchemist: the game? Red_Alchemist: oh, aiko Deathgod: strange man Red_Alchemist: it's a honey dall Red_Alchemist: *doll Red_Alchemist: well, nvm Red_Alchemist: sure Red_Alchemist: disturbing and japanese way 'Phalon' has joined the chat. Red_Alchemist: ah yes 'animestan' has joined the chat. Red_Alchemist: and without the coolness and 1337 haxorz Deathgod: hack the planet! Deafmute42: lol Red_Alchemist: ah yes Red_Alchemist: that one Red_Alchemist: well, I never see much emotion from Spike Phalon: yay, i finally go to a show Red_Alchemist: he did good in the day teh world stood still Red_Alchemist: because that required no emotion at all Red_Alchemist: we have CG, fuck you Deathgod: just needs to study bruice lee moves a little Red_Alchemist: Keanu just needs to plug his brain into a computer Phalon: as long as he doesn't act like he did in the matrix Red_Alchemist: Samuel L Jackson bitch Deathgod: hahaha Deafmute42: lol Red_Alchemist: just give him a bit of white makeup Red_Alchemist: it'll work Deathgod: hrm that might work Red_Alchemist: It'd work Red_Alchemist: so what about edward Deafmute42: Faye? Red_Alchemist: wait, they're doing the opening storyline Deathgod: Jolie 'Pokedude97' has joined the chat. Red_Alchemist: so no valentine or edward Pokedude97: manfaye Deathgod: :p tsukikage: wouldn't ed be pretty hard too? Red_Alchemist: so no ed or faye Faith: what about tyler Red_Alchemist: she wasn;t quiet during the birthing process Faith: from lord of rings Red_Alchemist: so she's been dispelled into the abyss Red_Alchemist: no faye or ed Red_Alchemist: yeh Spike Spiegel: it was Red_Alchemist: they might work it in Red_Alchemist: after all, it is a bebop movie tsukikage: the fans would be pissed Phalon: when would this take place? I thought they kind of ended it Red_Alchemist: yeh no_earthly_clue: no red eye was first Red_Alchemist: he does emotionless jesus well Red_Alchemist: 9/11>
Phalon: attacks?
‘no_earthly_clue’ has left the chat.
Red_Alchemist: “comic”
‘no_earthly_clue’ has joined the chat.
Red_Alchemist: it was good for awhile
Red_Alchemist: and then the premise got old
Red_Alchemist: the novelty wore off
no_earthly_clue: I liked robot Chichken spoof of 24.
Deathgod: picture book
Red_Alchemist: Bakugan moron
Red_Alchemist: that’s one that tried that that time and weltall reviewed.
Red_Alchemist: wat
Deafmute42: ?
Red_Alchemist: one frame per comic
Deathgod: can you time a picture O_o
Red_Alchemist: take every frame and put it in a panel
Deathgod: i want to see that formula
Phalon: so does it come with a dog shock collar that goes off if you don’t keep pace?
Red_Alchemist: it’d take a fucking long time, but whatever
Red_Alchemist: never thought about that
Red_Alchemist: thank you for another mindvirus
tsukikage: i despise high heels
Red_Alchemist: so now I’ve got the Game, Dr. Pepper, and Asians in High Heels
tsukikage: and i’m 23
Red_Alchemist: wat
Deathgod: O-o
Deathgod: makes legs look longer
Red_Alchemist: They need high heels to fight gojira
Red_Alchemist: they want to feel asian?
Red_Alchemist: hehehe
Deathgod: lol
Red_Alchemist: no they’re no
Red_Alchemist: *not
Red_Alchemist: mexicans are the short people
Deafmute42: um…
Red_Alchemist: half my family’s mexican, don’t argue with me on this
Deafmute42: ok
Phalon: i would be the jolly green giant in that country
Red_Alchemist: I’m towering over some of these guys and I’m 5’8″
Phalon: you have short guys
Red_Alchemist: si
Red_Alchemist: half my family is short irish-germans and half my family is mexicans
Phalon: I’m 6’3″
Deathgod: 6′ here
Red_Alchemist: not a very vertically able gene pool
Deafmute42: lol
Deathgod: irish southern german 🙂
Red_Alchemist: No
Phalon: well i am that tallest person in every family
Red_Alchemist: some of that stuff says 80s motherfucker
Faith: /me shakes head
Faith: no
Red_Alchemist: it starts in hollywood
Red_Alchemist: well, Japan’s just japan
Faith: no
Red_Alchemist: it goes japan on the stuff not from japan
Red_Alchemist: and then that stuff becomes japan
Deafmute42: …
Faith: and vests
Red_Alchemist: so I used japan 5 times in a sentence
Red_Alchemist: ow
Faith: /me shakes head
Red_Alchemist: I have a hat
Phalon: no face masks?
Deathgod: peer pressure ichigo!
Red_Alchemist: American men just go out naked
AP-Ichigo: it’s a group country
Phalon: or does that make you look too much like a theif since your a gajin
Deathgod: :p
Deathgod: hes a gajin thats implied
Red_Alchemist: he’s unfamiliar with them
Red_Alchemist: giggity giggity
Red_Alchemist: wat
Deathgod: hahahahaha
Red_Alchemist: Call tim
Phalon: why?
Red_Alchemist: he’ll win it
Red_Alchemist: shoe on head?
Deathgod: Majel B. Roddenberry, wife of ‘Star Trek’ creator, dies 🙁
Phalon: did i miss something? what contest are we doing?
Phalon: oh, this isn’t ap yet
Red_Alchemist: alright
Red_Alchemist: I’ve met my quota this year
Red_Alchemist: 2
Deafmute42: did that already
Red_Alchemist: I dragged them to the AP forums
Deafmute42: did that already
Red_Alchemist: shinigami14whatever
Deafmute42: tim helped draw them in
Red_Alchemist: go forth and masturbate
Deafmute42: …
Red_Alchemist: the mafia will get him
Red_Alchemist: SUNAKU
Red_Alchemist: but minus the sex
Deathgod: they arrested them recently should be lacking in the mob folks
Phalon: just hope the sandwhich bit isn’t true
Red_Alchemist: but he’s a somewhat liberal guy from the vicinity of boulder
Red_Alchemist: he’s going away for a looooooooong time
Red_Alchemist: smoke what
Phalon: so ichigo, how well do you think and anime girl with an AI behind her sell in japan? kind of like xp tan
Red_Alchemist: they already have honey dolls
Red_Alchemist: basically ejaculatotrons
Deathgod: man i don’t know want a honey doll is
no_earthly_clue: I keep thinking of Chobits everytime I hear that story.
Red_Alchemist: thank digg for that
Red_Alchemist: ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF
Phalon: I’m just trying to get this AI thing figured out
Phalon: memories are tricky
Red_Alchemist: grab some bison from yellowstone
Deathgod: temp just dropped again to -25F >< Red_Alchemist: just use ram Red_Alchemist: use kido tsukikage: god, is confusing Deathgod: im going to freeze to deaht Red_Alchemist: well, ichigo, what have you been watching lately? Red_Alchemist: NUTZING??? Red_Alchemist: wat tsukikage: *laughs* tsukikage: yay, wow tsukikage: you get the expansion? Red_Alchemist: I WANT YOU KILL THREE PIG Red_Alchemist: righ Red_Alchemist: *right Red_Alchemist: snowball.exe? Deathgod: Tytania is getting more baddass in recent episodes batou tsukikage: so, i have to miss the ap recording to go on a date i don't really want to go on... tsukikage: i'm sad Deathgod: why is it a double or something? tsukikage: no, i went on a first date and it was blah Red_Alchemist: WHALE WARS Deafmute42: pirates Deathgod: why not call it off then tsukikage: but i try to always go on a second Red_Alchemist: just get some mechas and rape the sea sheperds Deathgod: depends if it was just ok or horrid tsukikage: just ok tsukikage: not horrid Phalon: its easy to tell sea shepard is over exagerating their interactions Red_Alchemist: GET NORWAY ON THEIR ASS Deathgod: ahh id give it another try then Red_Alchemist: ichigo Red_Alchemist: I vant you to keel seex snow moose. Phalon: the phone communication where you can only hear one side seems faked Deathgod: just like those pre recored ads on the radio where they talk to a recording Red_Alchemist: hahaha Red_Alchemist: ooh Deafmute42: PIRATES!!! Phalon: they are doing it wrong tsukikage: that's the plan Deathgod: somali pirates! tsukikage: i want to learn somali... tsukikage: there's such a high population here tsukikage: okay, i'm off Deathgod: cya tsukikage: have a good show, guys! 'tsukikage' has left the chat. Deafmute42: I'll get my yacht and my AK74 Deathgod: nice Deafmute42: and some C3 Red_Alchemist:
Red_Alchemist: ^clicky
Deathgod: dont forget the rpgs
Deafmute42: yeah
Phalon: i’d say huge bricks of potassium
Phalon: and water hoses
Red_Alchemist: sounds like a pretty small brass group
Red_Alchemist: well, depends on what they were playing
Deathgod: got to watch out for the japanese fighting you off with molotov cocktails
Red_Alchemist: fuck yes
Red_Alchemist: so i’m not the only one that tries that
Red_Alchemist: I almost nailed row row fight the power on my trombone
Phalon: i’m talking about throwing the potassium at sea shepard
Red_Alchemist: can’t do it too well with a single brass instrument
Red_Alchemist: thoguh
Deathgod: red that has nothing on bacon salt
Red_Alchemist: though some of the louder parts on row row fight the
Red_Alchemist: what
Red_Alchemist: i just heard squeezy nipple wtf you talking about
Deathgod: watter bottle
Deathgod: water*
Red_Alchemist: so your nipple fell off ?_?
Red_Alchemist: damn
Red_Alchemist: no sanskrit over vent T>T
Phalon: i’d love that sound bite out of context
Deathgod: be good for a anime-pulse mix
Deafmute42: ya
Red_Alchemist: oh hell yes
Red_Alchemist: the scifi universes are now connected
Deathgod: i see no stargate
Deathgod: that diagram is invalid
Phalon: i think its comics
Deathgod: ahhh
Red_Alchemist: your point
Deathgod: called a nipple
Phalon: no, keep using nipple. it makes things funnier
Deafmute42: its a sqeezy nipple
Deathgod: good bottle
Red_Alchemist: and dick is a name for richard
Red_Alchemist: I know what a camel back is
Deathgod: had one but got distroyed when i dropped it hiking
Red_Alchemist: the drumline all have them
Phalon: so how do you define a nice water bottle, one that doesn’t leak?
Red_Alchemist: smaller and has more functions
Deathgod: higher quality
Deafmute42: lulz
Red_Alchemist: Oh, ichigo
Red_Alchemist: have you had any encounters with the Japanese supertoilets?
Deathgod: the japanese men can’t have the american nipples stealing thier women
Red_Alchemist: the ones with the insane number of functions
Red_Alchemist: they have retractable water guns for your anus
Red_Alchemist: I like Jason Calacanis’s anecdote about them
Phalon: have you heard of the one that recylces your waste right in the toilet
Red_Alchemist: hahaha
Deathgod: just as long as its not the classic japanese restroom
Red_Alchemist: he says he didn’t know what the button did and had to dodge the water jet
Red_Alchemist: Oh god
Red_Alchemist: batou
Red_Alchemist: lemme tell toy
Red_Alchemist: you
Red_Alchemist: you don’t know shit about texas
Red_Alchemist: it’s alot worse than that
Red_Alchemist: Just head a bit south
Red_Alchemist: into mexicoland
Red_Alchemist: I mean east houston
Red_Alchemist: Yep
Red_Alchemist: lots of indians here
no_earthly_clue: Oh god your right east houston……..*shudders*
Phalon: i once went to use a bathroom. I lifted the seat and a whole lot of spiders ran to the other side of the seat. I decided to hold it
Red_Alchemist: they like the climate
Red_Alchemist: hell if i know why
Deathgod: been though galveston and huston thats about it.
Red_Alchemist: no
Red_Alchemist: but that’s too far
Red_Alchemist: that sounds even more sexual
Deafmute42: NIPPLE
Red_Alchemist: and that’s your job?
Deathgod: western texas prob
Red_Alchemist: western texas prob is that theres no humidity
Deathgod: haha
Red_Alchemist: my nose went fuck this and started shooting blood
Deathgod: a few ghost towns from what ive seen
no_earthly_clue: El paso had some horrible ones, but the worst one I’ve been at was south of San Antonio
Phalon: hey batou, how much of toradora have you been watching, its awsome on my side.
Red_Alchemist: living in houston doesn’t do good stuff for your tolerance of dryness
Deathgod: that show is all about the reactions
Red_Alchemist: batou what phone did you end up with
Red_Alchemist: shh
Red_Alchemist: what boobs?
Red_Alchemist: called it
Red_Alchemist: that’s google
Red_Alchemist: boobs everywhere
Deathgod: rofl
Red_Alchemist: wat
Phalon: those are all over my walmart
Red_Alchemist: google toys for kids with safesearch off
Red_Alchemist: was that a dying cat?
Deathgod: hellno
Red_Alchemist: no cp
Red_Alchemist: but there are boobs
Red_Alchemist: it was a shinigami?
Deathgod: any search = boobs on google
Red_Alchemist: wat
Red_Alchemist: and get a new cat?
Red_Alchemist: bullshit
no_earthly_clue: …
Red_Alchemist: shut up
Red_Alchemist: HAHAHAHA
Red_Alchemist: you have the cancer?
Red_Alchemist: the cancer that’s killing /b/?
Red_Alchemist: oh, just cancer
Phalon: for awhile there, i thought your neighbor was that dense
Red_Alchemist: I’ll stab you
ginger_kitty: ummmm no
Red_Alchemist: you laugh at your puns
Deathgod: it only has to be funny to yourself
Red_Alchemist: done
Phalon: stop telling believable scenarios for your jokes
Red_Alchemist: seriously
Pokedude97: i laughed
ginger_kitty: bad and old and bad and old
Red_Alchemist: I believed you for a minute
Red_Alchemist: asshole
Deathgod: i chuckled
Red_Alchemist: jokes don’t get here for a minute
Red_Alchemist: *year or two
ginger_kitty: lol now that’s funny
ginger_kitty: there isn’t?
Red_Alchemist: warumaruto?
Deathgod: i just hear wallmart and laugh
ginger_kitty: yeah they
ginger_kitty: they are HUGE in china
Phalon: so their infection hasn’t reached there yet
Deathgod: 4 within 10 miles of me
ginger_kitty: you can get your paper towels and eels all in one trip 🙂
Phalon: i thought they would have pigebacked onto mcdonalds
Red_Alchemist: ok, give me a reason to hate walmart
ginger_kitty: you have tesco through right ichigo?
Deathgod: cosco has to be there
Red_Alchemist: how about a sudoh-bucks
Deathgod: wow nice
Deafmute42: LAME
Deathgod: haha
Red_Alchemist: it’s such a shitty joke I didn’t get it
Deathgod: its so bad its funny
Deafmute42: re-TAILER
Deafmute42: HA!
Red_Alchemist: Just look for the guy with the bleached eyebrows
AP-Ichigo: re-tail-er
Red_Alchemist: and punch him in the face
Deathgod: you don’t have to be funny your a gaijin
Deathgod: automatic win!
no_earthly_clue: Its funnier when they actually laugh at a bad pun.
Red_Alchemist: I’ll give you a soda
Red_Alchemist: ahh
Red_Alchemist: I’ll look at that later
Red_Alchemist: also
Red_Alchemist: batou
Red_Alchemist: nice password
Phalon: 830 chapters of puns
Red_Alchemist: holy fuck 830 chapters
Red_Alchemist: Hajime Roulette!
Red_Alchemist: reproductive
Red_Alchemist: oh and ichigo
Red_Alchemist: i told my programming teacher what you told me about base conversions
AP-Ichigo: and?
Red_Alchemist: he asked me how old you were and then laughed and made no further comments
Deathgod: on the udp tcp and ip
AP-Ichigo: you said 30
AP-Ichigo: ?
Red_Alchemist: si
Deathgod: old man!
AP-Ichigo: how old is your teacher?
Phalon: devolution
‘Red_Alchemist’ has left the chat.
Deafmute42: Soviets
Phalon: it damages what we enjoy
Phalon: the pages we turn themselves
Deafmute42: What the fuck
Phalon: *will
Deafmute42: MARKETING!
AP-Ichigo: as are the pages through a manga… these are the days of our lives
Spike Spiegel: lol Soap Opera humor
Spike Spiegel: nice
Deathgod: was better than that pun thats for sure :p
Spike Spiegel: yeah
Deafmute42: My friend created a Soap Opera called all my humps
Deathgod: soap opera channel he should sell it to them
Deafmute42: He was bored and he had gummy bears
Deafmute42: it was too graphic for tv
Deathgod: its not regular cable :p
Spike Spiegel: gummy bears are always good for endless hours of fun
Deafmute42: it was a fun lunch hour
Deathgod: ah reminds me of the days of paper football
Deafmute42: I KNEW IT!
Phalon: well you are close enough from the north pole
no_earthly_clue: Ichigo I want a new computer for christmas
Deathgod: he has to ride in on a elk
Deafmute42: damn Fins
ginger_kitty: I thought it was Norway
Spike Spiegel: that’s crazy
Deathgod: rofls
Deathgod: oh them japanese
Deathgod: experts@
Phalon: that makes me want to see how far we can push that gulablility
Deathgod: did the japanese win the war?
Deafmute42: you should try working for the Gov’t
Deathgod: man thats great
Deafmute42: I’LL DO IT!
Deathgod: class action!
Phalon: their fact checkers are bad
Faith: NO
Deafmute42: lol
Deafmute42: lulz
Deathgod: it already exists ichigo
AP-Ichigo: yes, but the govt needs to endorse it
Deathgod: thats ture
Deathgod: true
Deathgod: kawaiiiiii
Deafmute42: MGS!
Deafmute42: ?
Deafmute42: !
no_earthly_clue: metal gear santa
Phalon: that could have gone bad
Deafmute42: Alert Phase’
Deafmute42: Evasion
Deafmute42: Caution
Deafmute42: “This is patrol”
Deathgod: rofl
Deafmute42: “All clear”
Deathgod: ahhahaah
Spike Spiegel: that’s great
animestan: and then someone else is behind Ichigo
Phalon: and they would deny it
Deafmute42: ?
Deafmute42: !
no_earthly_clue: lol
Deathgod: kawaiiii
Deathgod: gomen money :p
no_earthly_clue: yes scoreee
Deathgod: santa always gets the ladies
Phalon: private lessons
Deathgod: hey i’ll teach you english baby!
Deafmute42: NO!
Phalon: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
no_earthly_clue: oh god please not again with the pun
Deafmute42: Stop!
no_earthly_clue: noooooo
Spike Spiegel: no
Deathgod: haha
Spike Spiegel: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Deafmute42: STFU
Deathgod: DAMIT
Deathgod: i laughed
Faith: he had to do it
Deathgod: yeah he couldn’t resist a pun
no_earthly_clue: That was?
Deafmute42: STFU!!!!!!!!!!
Faith: dont explain it
Faith: they get it
Faith: they are just being polite
AP-Ichigo: people here didn’t get it at first
Faith: if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all
no_earthly_clue: bad thing was I actually pictured it.
Phalon: listen to your subscribers, stop when we scream no, there’s a reason we are doing it
AP-Ichigo: 🙂
Faith: heehee
AP-Ichigo: too funny to resist
Deathgod: if she gets it she must be yours ichigo
Deafmute42: lol
no_earthly_clue: he
Deathgod: nice 1
Deathgod: come to america its cheep
Deathgod: cheap#
Deafmute42: Look up Jones Big Ass Truck Rental on Youtube
Deathgod: O-o
Deafmute42: its funny
Phalon: hes half asian
ginger_kitty: better than tom cruise
Deathgod: oh yeah ive seen that XD
Deafmute42: Nope
Phalon: stay out of arms reach, and you can say anything
Deathgod: there was a comptinplation on digg with all these bad commericals
Faith: Miami is awesome
Deathgod: because of Dan marino
ginger_kitty: lol
Faith: because they made me a lot of money these last four weeks
Faith: 🙂
Deathgod: ;p
Phalon: well it could be in newtons, if your measurement of newton is based on fig newtons
Deathgod: good batting!
Deathgod: Major best baseball series evar!
Faith: no…. the white sox
Deafmute42: I’m a Sox fan
Deathgod: we got clevelan…..
Faith: im so sorry deafmute
Phalon: you should almost have a subscriber comentary of the show
Deafmute42: at least i’m not a Cubs fan
Deathgod: would have to worry about quality with that though Phalon
Deathgod: did he sit under a waterfall
Phalon: I was just making reference to how this is more of a form of entertainment than a review of anime
Deathgod: true
AP-Ichigo: that’s our selling point
AP-Ichigo: I think
Deathgod: yeha
Deathgod: its diffrent from other podcasts
Phalon: so batou killing everyone would be a plot twist?
Deathgod: naa plot device
Deathgod: then they got to wish everyone back with the baseballs
Phalon: so another generic plot device tim and weltal can complain about
Deathgod: yep 🙂
‘fallenangel’ has joined the chat.
fallenangel: I back
Deathgod: wb
Faith: welcome back fallen
Weltall: it never ends
Weltall: blah blah blah
Deathgod: yada yada yada
Phalon: use coke balls instead
Deathgod: 8ball
Phalon: no, coke has bottle shaped like round tree ornaments
Deathgod: ;o
fallenangel: no spoliers 🙁
fallenangel: /cry
Deafmute42: oh well
Deathgod: run fallen
Deafmute42: i probably won’t get around to it
fallenangel: Suzaku not Suzuke
Phalon: i heard night of the round table and heard the monty pyton song
‘animestan’ has left the chat.
no_earthly_clue: hook line and sinker
fallenangel: this is were I stop listen
fallenangel: listening
fallenangel: tell me when its over please
Faith: what a twist
Phalon: i love this lag,its funny
Deathgod: lol
Faith: what?
AP-Ichigo: you missed that?
Phalon: in the background, evey once in awhile you hear what they just said a couple seconds after they say it
Faith: no,, he is just really quiet
no_earthly_clue: Lancealot
Phalon: i’m home alone so i have this show cranked
‘Tachikoma08’ has left the chat.
Deafmute42: guh
Deafmute42: i typed that w/ my nose
no_earthly_clue: It works well
Deafmute42: …
‘roman734’ has left the chat.
Deafmute42: i’m so lost
Faith: /me passes out tissue to dry your eyes
Deafmute42: What the Fuck
Deathgod: the end what a twist!
Faith: are you sure thats it?
Phalon: that twisting seemed like childish arguing
Deafmute42: it seemed like shrooms
Faith: ok gang.. lets celebrate.. /me twists and shouts
Deafmute42: SHROOMS
Faith: that is what he did say
fallenangel: watch it now on Adult Swin
Faith: jiftyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
fallenangel: I got so spoiled all well
no_earthly_clue: Good show guys.
Deathgod: :0
Deafmute42: Jones Big Ass Truck Rental…
fallenangel: I r sad now
no_earthly_clue: Twistastic
Faith: thanks Guys.
‘ginger_kitty’ has left the chat.
fallenangel: byebye
‘Faith’ has left the chat.
Deathgod: cya
‘Deathgod’ has left the chat.
*** You have been disconnected from the server ***

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  1. impale your ass Red thats what we’re gonna do. See Ichigo, if ya would have kept the logs when ya kicked me off you would have seen it wasn’t me. it was Red. God forbid there is restitution.

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