Episode 167: The Sword of the White Viper

This week, we go on and on about the news, review White Album (no not the Beatles one) and give you first impressions of Viper’s Creed and Tower of Druaga ~ Sword of URUK. We also do a long delayed Bleach update.

White Album – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.

Show Notes


Intro – Re-sublimity by KOTOKO from Kannaduki no Miko
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


White Album
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Viper’s Creed
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Tower of Druaga ~ Sword of URUK
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0 Replies to “Episode 167: The Sword of the White Viper”

  1. There is no region encoding on any games for the ps3, all ps3 games are region free but any game for the ps2 or the ps will not play on a ps3 unless it’s from that region, just letting you know ichigo.

  2. Like Chibi said, the PS3 is a region-free console with the exception of backwards compatible games. In fact, you may not have any backwards compatibility at all depending on the model you get (and there are A LOT), so you might wanna look up the serial numbers on Wikipedia to make sure you get everything on it you want.

    Oh, and I can totally understand buying a PS3 for just one game. I have no interest in FFXIII whatsoever, but I’ll probably end up getting one for FFvsXIII (huge fan of Kingdom Hearts here and it’s by the same team).

  3. Yeah just wanted to throw in my two cents about the ps3 thing as well. ps3 games as well as the console are not region encoded so you can play any ps3 games on any ps3 console you want. Dvds though are region encoded, as well as the ps1 and ps2 games.

  4. Nice show people! one of the best news runs to date. i just wish i could hear what batou was saying about astro boy a little better. but the real important thing this show was about it ICHIGO IS GETTING A PS3!! i for one have to welcome you. (when you get the ps3 buy metal gear so you can hear my anime podcast, Jecht-set-radio)

  5. great show as always guys keep it up. Thanks for the vipers creed review. Was thinking of watching it but now ahhh not so much thanks.

  6. Indiana Jones 4 isn’t really that bad if you understand the concept/treatment of the movie.

    The first 3 Indiana Jones movies were set in the 1930’s, these were inspired by 1930’s adventure movies and serials.

    The 4th Indiana Jones movie was set in the 50’s so the treatment was updated with some 50’s sci-fi & action flavor to match the period portrayed in the film.

  7. It was a great show. Best thing about it was the internet tangent. Although the shows that were reviewed weren’t great. It saved me from having to wather Viper’s creed. ^^

  8. i have a zune, and i subscribed to your podcast, and for the past week i have been listening to them, but i have had enough, so i broke down and started listening to recent episodes. i just want to ask, have you covered +Anima, Chibi Vampire, Alachino, Pretty Face, or Code Geass? i really dont want to listen to 2+ years of shows just to catch up. sorry!

  9. Actually, I watched Viper’s Creed before the review, and I have to say I was little surprised by the lackluster enthusiasm for this show. Granted, my philosophy on watching anime is a little different i think from most people, but i was pretty thrilled after watching the first episode. I pretty much got the same feeling from Viper’s Creed that I got from Rideback, awesome transforming motorcycles. If I heard correctly, the major reason was because the character’s seemed rather lackluster, boring archetypes. To me, this is a little premature given one episode. I mean, admittedly, the characters all do fall into some stereotypical archetypes, but the same can be said for many other shows that were given a much more positive outlook that I downright hated (Clannad being on the top of that list). And of course, Shinji Aramaki doesn’t have the best directing credentials, either (Appleseed was pretty lackluster as well). In fact, this show pretty much started out in the same fashion that FF VII: Advent Children did. Not to mention, if you didn’t have the feeling of attachment to the FF characters that most anime fans have, would you have to say that FF VII: Advent Children would have made you feel the same way that you felt about Viper’s Creed? It’s not as if the FF characters all do not fall into the stereotypical emo hero, cheery but dark past sidekick, annoying other sidekicks as well. I just find it difficult to accept that a show is totally lackluster because from one episode, you determined that the characters are boring. If I judged anime in that fashion, I’d probably not be watching anything.

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