Episode 170: Rideback to the Regios

We’ve got a good show this week. We discuss the news, review Rideback and Chrome Shelled Regios, and listener Saitohajime101 sent in a guest review of Clannad the movie. We also debate the semantics of “filler”. Check out this great show.

Rideback – Download Now!
Chrome Shelled Regios – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Clannad the movie – Download Now!

Show Notes


Intro – Front Breaking by Megumi Hayashibara from Slayers Evolution-R
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


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0 Replies to “Episode 170: Rideback to the Regios”

  1. I think some filler can be good, especially if you look at Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R and compare the manga and anime. The filler in the anime doesn’t feel like filler and really works in that universe.

  2. Nice show today. ichigo had to lay down the law about bows and whats a filler (its weird, its like hearing your parents arguing. please dont break up ichigo and batou!) also its nice to hear anime pulse outsourcing reviews (its like a extra review for free)

  3. Liked the reviews, and agree on the criticism regarding Bleach, but why, WHY, do you talk about Naruto with such entusiasm? I am so tired of Naruto I wanna puke all over it. If I hear “that man”, “that time” or really any “that *something*” I will bash someone’s face in. Granted, the series used to be decent the first few arcs, and I have some nostalgic feelings for it because it was one of the first mangas I read, but they have pushed the series so very far beyond it’s natural lifetime. Give it up!
    … sorry bout that xD well, great work anyways. Love your shows.

  4. Oh wow. You really are willing to play fan-recorded reviews? I figured it’d be a tremendous waste of time to actually record a review of Gokudo.

  5. for the mnemosyne thing. i tried the weird answers.com pronunciation for the greek goddess at least. it kinda sounded like nimosenee… 😛

  6. Good show, enjoyed it, especially you guys going at it about fillers ahaha

    Thanks again for accepting my review and ill be sure to work on another one for maybe episode 172 or 173.

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