Manga Pulse 70: Sayonara Fruits Basket

It’s a short show for you this week, I am sick and can’t really do anything, I just barley make it through this recording. But non the less we bring the funny and with it great anime reviews, the enchanter even does the one manga he swore he wouldn’t. Yes the most requested manga, the one everyone had to argue was soooo much better than the anime, he does the review. Fruits Basket.

Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.
Fruits Basket – Read it at Borders.

Show Notes


Intro – Manazashi by anNina from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei
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Fruits Basket
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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 70: Sayonara Fruits Basket”

  1. Zetsubou Sensei? Burn it? I’ve got to say, I’m shocked by that. The first four episodes of the anime were some of the most hilarious stuff I’ve seen in a long time, and I imagine that’s what volume one would cover.

    Read it Now for Zombie Loan, and Burn it for Zetsubou Sensei. Our opinions are a world apart, yet I still love to listen to you guys. The ultimate in Podcaster-Nameless Listener relationships.

  2. I was surprised that you guys gave Zetsubou-Sensei such a low rating. I thought you guys would have loved that.

    As for Fruba, the manga could be different/better later on after volume one. Not saying that cause I’m a fan cause I don’t particularly like Fruba either (too much shoujo for my liking) but manga + anime tends to be different after the first volume.

  3. (To: Rainy, and Maruna.)

    As for Zetsubou Sensei, you people really need to realise that not always the Anime will be the same as the Manga. I mean, I never watched Zetsubou, but I’m not surprised that Tim gave it such an low ratting. I mean he IS an human being, hes going to have a different opinion on it. That and I’m sure he has an life and doesn’t read Manga nor watch Anime ALL THE TIME, nor enjoys everything from Japan.

    Because lets saaay; “The Anime was an phenomenal hit!!!” The Manga isn’t going to be, even if they are similar.

    This is no different as to when Weltall reviewied ‘Phoenix Right’ and everyone b****ed and moaned; “The game was soooo cool how dare you! OBJECTION!”

    yea?? SUuuree you played the game, but have you EVEN read the Manga?? You dont even know what it’s like why the f*** are you b****ing. You can’t always expect adaptations for a certain show to be gold no mater how great that show is.

    Also He was reviewing it as an Manga, not from the so called “Hit Game” meaning is there an good story-line, plot, the character development? is it good? Is it weak? Is there even ANY?!

    As for Fruits Basket?
    Well I only got up to Vol 7 and all it is now is just emo baw flashback story and where supposed to carree and feel emotions for the characters Bawwww.

    So pretty much it’s like filler YET Natsuki Takaya is serious about it, writing it down as the main story.

    Think of the Bleach bounto arc and imagine that as the main story plot of the Anime…..YEA Fruits Basket is THAT bad!

    It also could be explained as say there an filler arc of Naruto crying……that’s it, just crying throughout the entire 30 mins (or whatever) for about 5 or so episodes.

    I really thought I could continue on but its just boring as S****. Anyone in there right mind would enjoy LOOKING at s*** then reading The Fruity Basket.

    All in all great show guys, and keep reviewing Manga as Humanly possible.

  4. “yea?? SUuuree you played the game, but have you EVEN read the Manga?? You dont even know what it’s like why the f*** are you b****ing. You can’t always expect adaptations for a certain show to be gold no mater how great that show is.”

    Who bitched? I immediately followed my comment with, “We might have differentiating opinions, but I still love and respect your opinions.” Rainy also expressed mere surprise.

  5. Re:Maruna

    Okay I was referring to long ago when Weltall reviewed The Phoenix Right Manga the; “yea?? SUuuree you played the game, but have you EVEN read the Manga??” that part right there was to the people who kept sending emails to the Manga pulse show and complaining. I do like to listen to older Manga Pulse Episodes from time to time now and then.

    So Maruna I wasn’t really saying that you or Rainy where b****ing I was referring to the Phoenix Right freaks who pestered Weltall, so I apologies to the both of you on that subject.

  6. To: DragonCakes00
    Well the reason why I thought they’d enjoy the series was because I thought it was something they’d enjoy. No, pretty much how they described the manga is what happens in the anime. I’m not disappointed that it got such a low rating, just surprised. It had nothing to do with “oh the anime is so awesomez, the manga must be too and MP must luvz it too!!”. Though I do object to you assuming thats why I made my comment. I’ve disagreed with a lot of their ratings on manga before but they’re entitled to that. I was more “Huh. I thought they’d enjoy that series but they didn’t”.

  7. has anybody ever heard of the XV or maybe the XIV seriese I can’t remember what it was called,but I picked it up at the local comic store and it was the best comic I have ever read.

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