Manga Pulse 71: Red Samurai

This crazy episode we have almost no news or emails, mostly because I was sick last week and we recorded that episode only a few days before this one… Oh well, it still is a great episode. Hey who would have seen this coming, we get off track a lot in this one. Oh yes and Tim the Enchanter has a new contest for everyone it ends in one week so get to it.

Red River – Read it at Borders.
Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes


Intro – Palladio i Allegretto by Karl Jenkins from Diamonds(Ice)
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Red River
Anime News Network

Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School
Anime News Network

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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 71: Red Samurai”

  1. Good episode. When is the last time you guys reviewed something “good” though? Bring on the Read It Nows!!!

  2. I have been roaming around and listening to random netcasts for a while. This episode may well be the worst of the bunch. I admit that I only listened to the first forty minutes.

    It’s not really the fault of you two hosts. I think you have been victimized. At some point in the past, someone told you both that you were funny. That person lied to you.

    Consider what I heard. I heard the two of you rant for the first half hour of the show while I waited for the manga reviews. I assure you both, people are tuning in to listen to news and reviews of manga comics. Absolutely no one is listening to Manga Pulse to hear you gripe about banks and politics. You have the right, I suppose, to spew half-formed and ignorant opinions of complex matters, but I most certainly don’t have to listen to it. Unfortunately, your foul mouthed exclamation of your inability to eat pizza was the highlight of the show.

    Then the show finally reached the subject of an actual manga comic. Ah, it wasn’t actually a review was it? No, it was a play-by-play retelling of the entire story, scene by scene. Instead of telling me whether or not I might be interested in reading this comic and why, I get a paraphrased version of the comic itself. Why exactly do you think I would enjoy a sloppy retelling of the events of the book without looking at pretty pictures?

    No, I do not expect that I will listening to more episodes.

  3. Re: Asely

    “I most certainly don’t have to listen to it.”

    I think your one of those girls that likes torchering thereselves.

    Pretty much you let yourself be ear-raped as you listened to something you didn’t like–hmmmm.

    I find people that take Manga-Pulse to seriously humorous. Tim, Weltall keep doing what you do best because the TRUE fans love it.

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