Episode 181: Have a Heart Guin, Cross to Eden!

I’m rolling solo this week, but in exchange I bring a whole slew of review. I’ve been slacking lately so it’s time to get caught back up. I also talk about Japan panicking about THE SWINE FLU!!! Run for the hills! AAAAAAGH! In addition I have some news and then get into the reviews. I review Cross Game, Higashi no Eden, Guin Saga and Pandora Hearts. Enjoy this great show.

Cross Game – Download Now!
Higashi no Eden – Download Now!
Guin Saga – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Pandora Hearts – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.

Show Notes


Intro – Spiral by Angela from Asura Cryin’
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Cross Game
Official Site

Higashi no Eden
Official Site

Guin Saga
Guin Saga at Amazon

Pandora Hearts
Pandora Hearts at Amazon

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0 Replies to “Episode 181: Have a Heart Guin, Cross to Eden!”

  1. Cross Games sounds interesting from the review Ichigo.
    It’s could be cliche yet it seems to be cliche-ness that isn’t painful.

    Also that “Pig”-Flu (as you called it) seems to be spreading all over geez.

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