Manga Pulse 101: Battle Blood

I should say that I’m not certain that the info below is correct but in the interest of getting the episode out I will simply go with it…

Blood the last 2002 – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.
Battle Angel: the last order – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.

Show Notes


Intro – Ring My Bell by Blue Drops from Sora no Otoshimono
Outro – Tip Toe Waltz by Yoko Kanno from Wolf’s Rain


Blood the last 2002
Anime News Network

Battle Angel: the last order
Anime News Network

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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 101: Battle Blood”

  1. Awesome I now know I need to read battle angel the first series of course. Although I do have one question what is it about twilight that makes you so mad? It is a poorly written book that encourages female craziness but other than that it’s rather insignificant in my own opinion…

  2. Twilight is the bane of the otaku. It gives girls false hope for sparkly vampires that don’t die in the light and make them move to far away towns in the middle of nowhere just for that hope. leaving us all alone. I agree that we should have taken them out when we had the chance “the opening of the new movie”. BUT!!! I recently found out that the movie could be used for my own evil purposes. If you invite a girl to see the movie they will go! So easy date… only down side. 🙂 i have to gouge my eyes out later.

  3. oh… i forgot i wanted to post on here, but then i saw the twilight thing… Honey Badgers! Apparently your show is more widely know than i though. Multiple guilds/alliances are appearing on different games online with honey badgers as the name. :0 its kinda cool. … dang it… o.o boy scouts …. no comment. and yes Mormons are funny…. they also cant skateboard funny story behind that if you want to know email me on here…. o.o wow viz… *snore* and on another note. have you noticed that the people that know the word Weeaboo are…. in fact weeaboo. their isnt anyway to know that word unless you are it… or are in fact japanese… dang it i cant stand it.. i keep hearing the word twilight in my ears… nannn nannnn nann wow they are vampires… they … sparkle … they… eat deer… sounds like rednecks that fell in glitter soaked in steroids… and why is it called twilight?! … their is no reference to the word anywhere in the movies “yes i saw refer to post up two spaces” ok… as for battle angel…. ill see havn’t seen it probably will but yea… seen alot so probably wont be impressed… unless i like the story… here lately the art could suck but if it has a decent story its for me. gotta keep me interested. and that is my rant for today. see you in about 4 days

  4. …yeah I can’t download it or anything. I’ve tried to get it fixed but apparently it is a problem with your sever or whatever

  5. Girls have always had that forced into their heads though. With the thought of “someday my prince will come” stuff, I actually know several girls who dislike the twilight stuff. I will say though of all the things for our culture to gravitate towards sparkling vampires is the strangest. Honestly I thing hellsing vampires are way more legit. Can you imagine the abstinece ad: stay a virgin become a vampire that’d be great

  6. Whats with all the people hatin’ on Twilight? I get it; it’s an insanely stupid fad whose fandom is almost solely comprised of delusional fangirls, but chill guys. Twilight is like a disease, the more you talk about it the more it spreads. Plus, no offense but readin’ how much people hate Twilight over and over again reminds me way too much of those people who hate on Abercrombie just ‘cus they don’t want to “conform”, not for any real issue with the clothes. Just my 2 cents. But enough rambling. Thanks for the compliment on the show guys! It made me all warm and fuzzy 😛 17 in January! Haha kidding… sorta. I know Weltall does not like jail.

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