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  1. Was your review of Haruhi a joke? I understand that dialogue driven series aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I have a hard time believing anyone could find it that bad. I’d hate to listen to a review of yours of Maria-sama ga Miteru’s manga adaptation.

    You guys seem the type that could give a negative review to just about anything, even Yotsubato.

  2. To Drew. why do you care about Manga Pulse’s option on a Manga so much?

    For one these guys most of the time half-ass read the Manga that there reviewing and forget stuff yet thats not there fault, its usually because the Manga is just so poorly written it literally hurts. So it’s no wonder for there forgetting and half-ass reading of a Manga on the show.

    You can’t really take Tim or Weltall 100%seriously, they are just expressing there view-points. Manga Pulse could give a “Burn It” ratting to a Manga that someone out there in the world could still enjoy.

    Saying that Manga Pulse “seems to be the type that could give a bad ratting to anything” is kinda biased. Have you ever read ‘In Odd We Trust’? I picked it up after listening to Tim’s review to see just how bad it was and that was just painful.

    I kept thinking to myself; “Good Lord, Tim read this horrible piece of crap and reviewed it? He deserves a reward.”

    Going back to the subject at hand. All I have to say is that the Haruhi Novel-wa is solely for the fans that like Haruhi and understand the story.

    I can understand Tim’s ratting. He was ratting the Manga in his own perspective and not as some fan-boy who knows all about Haruhi and thinks she is so awesome.

    Secondly. Even though Tim never read the Manga or seen the Haruhi Anime he nailed the Anime/Manga adaptations down to a tee. All they do is pretty much is sit around in a club room that used to be an old Library club room, dick around, do stupid shit, all with a whole bunch of unexplained foreshadowing bull.

    I used to be a Haruhi fan but now the story is stupid & has gotten ridiculous.

    The new season of Haruhi is even worst than what Tim has read.

  3. To Drew and Dragon Cake:
    You’re both winers. Get over yourselves and your stupid fanboy tendencies, and just listen to the show. That’s what you want, right? I mean, you didn’t honestly know they wre going to review Haruhi, so you must have just wanted to listen to them.
    To Drew:
    Go read some more Haruhi. You like it, no one else has to.
    To Dragon Cake: Again, quit your whining. We all appretiate that you know what you’re talking about, but honestly, what you just said about the Haruhi universe was longer than Tim’s review.

  4. Funny how expressing your opinion means that one is whining.
    Not sure where you got that from B3y0nd.

    Is it because I bitched about the second second? Because I’m sure even the fans can agree with me on that one.

    So, I’m not the one whining.

  5. @Drew he reviewed the book version not the manga that’s why it was so terrible. let me state that again he read a BOOK not a manga, and any anime book every reviewed or that i have read have been complete and total crap.

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