VG Pulse 9: How do we have a show

We just jump right in this week with NECs pac man dream. We called Pac man before the show started but he’s so burned out on dots we have to do some major editing to his call before we release it. Not much going on this week we just try to make it through NEC was tired and The Economy was stopping the show every few minutes with distracting sexy comments. Happy anniversary to Pac Man 30 years of dot munching action we love you man. Oh and Pac man NEC is messing around with your wife. Just thought you should know see you at the Pinkies Bar this weekend. Right now I’m in Venice well be doing the show live from the Beach Club


Infamous – Get it now should be a Greatest Hits
It’s by Sucker Punch and exclusive for the Playstation 3

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0 Replies to “VG Pulse 9: How do we have a show”

  1. Sorry guys, but the show has gotten worse in the past few weeks. We need psyghost back and atleast ask NEC to quit being a little less of an idiot if we have to keep listening to him. He talks wayyy too much.

  2. Personally i think that NEC is more qualified as a host for a podcast about video games. He works at a major video game company, and he has better input.

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