Episode 236: Magic Knight Rayearth

I’ve got a great show this week. I talk about the news, people who think vigilantism is a valid form of protest, Japan and some Anime. I review, finally, Magic Knight Rayearth. Get your blast from the past with this awesome series and show!

Show Notes


Intro – Reckless Fire by Ide Yasuaki from S-Cry-Ed
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


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0 Replies to “Episode 236: Magic Knight Rayearth”

  1. Dear AP and you ichigo

    thanks a lot for your podcast. I actually like it more now that you’re presenting it alone. its really good…
    …however ! Just now, Ive heard your say about guns in the UK and i couldnt help it but disagree ! If you give everyone, then any nutter will be legally !allowed to shoot someone ! I mean look at your own country – the USA – so much more dangerous than Europe. Here in the UK, its pretty safe (apart from London maybe) BECAUSE we are not allowed to carry guns. or Japan – no guns = the safest country in the world ! isnt it ?

    Also, being a christian I strongly disagree with the statement “do whatever you do as long as you dont hurt anyone”. believe it or not , YOU DO hurt someone by doing these things (or yourself). i dont want to be too explicit so im not giving any examples.

    Anyways, a great show, keep up the good work!

  2. buddy, i like this show for the most part, but you’re political views are ridiculous and unnecessary for a discussion about anime. you make yourself sound like a tool when do start talking about topics such as guns. i’m all for you believing in what you do and i have no issue with you have a gun, but to say that it’s for protection is ludicrous. it’s more a way to stick your nose up at government. and equate that with gun control in europe. i’m sorry but i doubt the germans stayed out of switzerland because they were afraid they had guns. do you remember anything about that war? their belief in their supremacy and righteousness was what kept them going and nothing, including a farmer with a gun, was going to keep them from doing it. the swiss were neutral and not a military presence, comparitively speaking, therefore they were lower on this list of people to overthrow. or maybe they were racist like the germans. anyway, stick with you great anime reviews and updates from japan. it’s what you’re best at and it’s why this is a great show.

  3. Tto BenTenision giving everyone a gun doesn’t equal “legally allowed to shoot someone” what are you even talking about? America, because of the circumstances involving settling the country we developed a strong gun culture. There are just too many guns now to take them all away. I do believe we need some control on who can legally own them, waiting periods and what not. Also Japan not having guns isn’t the reason there crime rate is so low.

    On the other hand I agree somewhat with what jp is saying, Ichigo did kind of sound lame talking about it. Some of his arguments (while I actually agreed with him) sounded childish and not well thought out. First of all, if I want to rob an old woman, a gun won’t help her. I’m not going to go up to her and say “hey lady, I’m stopping 30 yards away, you ready? ok I’ma rob you! Commence robbery!” I’m gonna come up behind her and grab her purse or knock her down and take what I want. Gun won’t really help her with that. In fact! If I knew she had a gun, I would be especially careful to ambush her, so that she can’t pull the gun out. So you see, having guns just means the criminals have to be more prepared it doesn’t mean the criminals won’t commit crimes.

    tatoeba, the comment about if the people in the UK had had guns someone would have stopped that one guy well, people in the US have guns and you still have shootings. Owning guns has never been a deterrent for crime. The argument that if everyone had guns, there wouldn’t be any crime because criminals would be a’scared is just silly. Most people would lack the preparation, or alertness to make carrying a gun really effective anyway. Criminals would just change their methods. Hell if you break into a home in the US there’s a good chance the home owner has a gun, but you still see break ins and home invasions. Not really much of a deterrent.

    One again I want to say I actually agree with Ichigo on pretty much everything he said, just thought some of his reasons were kind of poorly explained or silly.

  4. never comment politic on a anime podcast.
    it is not because i dont agree with you or not.
    you will loss your subscriber because of those commentaries

  5. Look, its his show and he can talk about want he wants MP goes way off topic all the time. Most of his views are mine too,except the abortion thing.(I think there should be special circumstances). And the reason crime is low in japan is because of the 80-90% conviction rate. Ichigo keep up the good work

  6. I mean look at your own country – the USA – so much more dangerous than Europe.

    it depends. in redneck country (ie The South) like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, etc there are not a lot of crime there even though everybody has a gun and are pro-gun.

    OTOH, in chicago where there’s a gun ban, it has one of the highest crime rates in the US. In mexico, which has one of the strictest gun laws in the world, drug cartels rule the area around the US-Mexico border, and a lot of shootings, kidnappings, guns, torture, corruption and lawlessness take place.

    Here in the UK, its pretty safe (apart from London maybe)

    i think the UK has gone to the extreme by not allowing it’s citizens any form of self defense. please explain why your country is like that.


  7. Living in the UK and not London I can tell you your not as safe as you may think. I live and norfolk and yet have still seen more than my fair share of violent crime, I’d actually be happy if the law was changed to allow me the freedom to defend myself.

    Keep up the good work Ichigo and feel free to put across any opinion you wish. There are a few idiots out there who need to realise that it is just a point of view. Its not as though your forcing your beliefs onto us -.- .

  8. The political discussion was such a turn off that I could not finish the episode.

    Maybe I got it wrong but Libertarians have always come off as the ‘leave me to make up my own mind and do what I want.’ Are they also hypocrites? How can people who want to do as they please and then not see how that entitles others to do as they please? Even when you disagree with their actions/values(ie.Vigilantes).

    The notion that it’d all be fine if people just behave and not hurt others is just plain fantasy. Not going to happen. Even if you can be trusted. Doors have locks for a reason. Computers have passwords, AV software, encryption, firewalls etc….

    Because there is no shortage of: crazy, mean, petty, sadistic, misguided, angry, hurtful, curious, naive, predatory, desperate, etc etc people.

    To not think that something as destructive as a gun does not warrant some kind of control is just being blind to human nature. I’m not talking a ban, just a sober process in an attempt to maintain some level of safety.

    If history is any indicator….

    Trouble is all the controls and protective measures/best intentions in the world are just as subject to abuse/corruption as any tool/weapon/drug/philosophy/religion.

  9. I think America is still the great country, only because it allows people to own guns and has a capital punishment.

    In Russia guns are prohibited and crime rate is enormous. If our government would decide to put us again into Gulag, it could be accomplished as easily as in 30’s. We are pretty much the same slaves, who are not allowed to defend ourselves.

    But when US government will start to send people to FEMA camps, they certainly will meet some serious resistance. And why should you think government won’t do that? I mean, you already can be arrested in some states, just for taking picture of cop. You just can’t be sure, that tomorrow you won’t wake up in totalitarian country.

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