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  1. Hah, don’t worry Ichigo, we all fall to people scams sometimes. At least you didn’t borrow him money or something among those lines.

    And to be honest, he wasn’t that bad of a cohost. Too bad he had to lie his way into AP.

  2. To be honest he did talk good game on everything so no one really had a good reason to question him or his words. We all were played, the new system you said here sounds solid and needed now that we have seen that it is necessary.

  3. Wow that’s just too bad. But as above comments said, we were all fooled. I hope things work out with future co hosts.

  4. You know, I only listen to Manga Pulse so I have no idea who this is, but I lol’d when Ichigo said he was from Texas. Idk.

    Also you sounded really emo there. Go kill a whale or something to cheer yourself up, man.

  5. Omfg, what a loser, he had nothing better to do all this time?? Seriously, what the point?
    On the other side, who cares?

  6. i thought NEC was a waste of oxygen, but this actually makes him kinda funny now. who would do something like that, lol! i can’t tell if he is hilarious or retarded now. but he was not a good co-host, not interesting at all. im sure there are other anime/manga “gurus” out there.

    my 2 cents:
    it would be cool if every response here went to the email addresses of the other people on this thread because people rarely check these threads. also what about having weekly updates on one piece / bleach / naruto again. keep everyone updated on some new happenings and/or theories.

  7. Sorry Ichigo, NEC was really annoying anyway. I know its a little late but you should have Rangiku on the show to tell us about anime boston. I know the con was in april but that would be really cool cause i diddnt get to go this year.

  8. All I can is, “wow”,sorry to hear that guys. NEC seemed like a nice enough guy. Don’t feel stupid; sometimes people have a way of lying that makes you take their word for it.

    NEC: I’m not sure why you felt the need to lie. As long as you’re able to string two sentences together, Ichigo probably would have let you come on the show. Obviously you have a low opinion of yourself if you felt the need to lie about your position in life.

  9. Wow is pretty much all I can say too. NEC wasn’t all that bad but this is taking it too far. Lying about his life like this is probably the most he has done with it if he works at wal-mart.

    I don’t really see why someone would lie about all this but I guess he just wanted attention.

    Ichigo, we will forget about him very fast and this did not hinder our love for the show. Just shows that there are idiots out there in the world.

    Keep up the great show and we will continue to listen for as long as you continue.

  10. o.O wow. but i will say this. He really shouldnt be working at walmart with those skills. XP.

    Oh and It would have been better if you would have just kept to yourself about it and busted him out in an episode. XP

  11. That pretty well sucks. I have to commend the guy though, he was fairly convincing.

    The swine flu/pneumonia thing was a bit suspicious but only because I listened to those episodes he co-hosted with you one right after another.

    So hopefully Square/Enix isn’t aggravated at his statements about them.

    Don’t sweat getting played though, it happens. The internet and half decent salemanship makes it easy to do.

  12. Man, I may disagree with your politics, but this is the worst, its a shame you can’t trust people anymore. (PS, good luck with your wedding!)

  13. Hey, just wanted to drop in and say sorry to hear that. It really sucks, but there’s not too much you can do about it now. You sounded pretty down, so I hope you cheer up! We’re all supporting you.

  14. I am Utterly Furious. Furious that people have no humanity left in them. Furious that they can just tread all over other people all they like, on a whim and for a joke.

    This NEC is a huge dick.

    To NEC: “DIE in hell. Both you and your mother. I hope you both die a f***ng horrible death.”

  15. Hey no worries Ichigo, like everyone said we all get scammed. I still love the show(s) you guys bring out every week to keep us all entertained.

  16. As someone who just started listening to this podcast I find these funny as hell. Dont sweat it man ur podcast is awesome even w fake people!

  17. I didn’t know about all that stuff he did to avoid you.

    Word of advice: If someone wants to be on your podcast, and then fails to meet you in person at any time even though they could, that’s definitely means of suspicion. I would have confronted him after the second time, but we don’t all think the same.

    All I can say is keep up the good work on all your shows, and next time try not to be permissive. The word is filled with deceit.

  18. It’s quite sad that some people do something like this for 15 minutes of minor fame. Oh well, karma is a bitch and he’ll get his down the road.

  19. That’s really disappointing.
    I found him to be a good host! Not anymore though… since it was all lies.
    Thank you for letting us know what was going on Ichigo.

  20. I guess I can’t say “told you so!” since I really didn’t catch on to NEC’s lies. I thought he was alright on VG pulse and guesting on anime pulse.

    His vagueness about Japan did give me the MGS “!” and as I listen to the latest VG Pulse he sounds super full of crap now that the truth came out.

    I know he’s probably hiding under a rock now, but I would love if he had to live with the shame on one of the podcasts. I’d love him to be Manga Pulse’s dog, on a leash and being hit with water bottles.

  21. on the latest vg pulse he quoted kevin perrara spelled wrong but stiil if i was at e3 iwould go everywere and wouldnt need g4 for coverage or i wouod use classic game room more entertaining but any way he did seem a little off now if you need a new co host message me

  22. Wow…I really didn’t like him but glad to see he was a fake, and that’s funny he works at a Walmart in San Antonino that’s a burn right there.

    It sucks that now you’re out of a co host but get one of the manga guys or someone you know is smart.

  23. I’ve seen youtube video of games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and all the stuff NEC talked about, so it would be easy to fake being at E3. All you had to do was sit home and watch G4.

  24. You can hear the discomfort of ichigo in his voice, he is hurt that he just lost a friend started to care about.

  25. Ichigo you know who must call for a co host. There are two of and please try to get at least one back.

  26. anyway NEC will now face to wrath of the internet if he tries to get back into the Anime Pulse community

  27. @Saritory
    If it was as easy as “calling them back to the show”, Ichigo would have done it already. It was stated at one point by the MP crew that Chigo had been asked to come back, but he refused, and I’m sure Batou still has “real life issues” to deal with.

  28. NEC was ok till he opened his mouth to lie. If your going to lie about something, lie about something that people can’t check up on.

  29. I’m sorry to hear about what happened, Ichigo. I’m not active in the forums but I still try to listen to Anime Pulse when I can. You seemed really upset when you had to expose NEC, but I fell for his lies too.

  30. Wow… so not only is the guy a complete liar, but he works at Wal-Mart. Hopefully this is the last time something like this happens, right?

  31. NEC was just an unfortunate thing. Hell, my life is going really bad right now (as most people’s are in this economy) but I wouldn’t go telling a lie to impress someone. Ichigo is a nice guy and I hope later on I will be able to guest host on this show!!!

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