VGP: 8bit August episode 1

Welcome to the our 8-bit show. For the next few weeks we are covering classic games and hardware. Many you have asked for us to review for classic games so you got your wish. This week our buddy Near stops by to Co-Host the show, Near is the host of Manga Plasma.Remember we need feedback Email or @VGpulse, @ShakeLOVE on twitter . Thanks enjoy the show.

VG Pulse Host for this Episode
Rainy (as ShakeLOVE),Rhynoo, Arc Angel and Near

Opening: Mega Man 3 theme – Capcom
Break: Hammer bros theme from Mario Bros. 3 – Nintendo
Ending: Tuff – J.G. Thirlwell available on iTunes

Super Mario Brothers Series- Play it now
Legend of Zelda and Link to the Past – Play it now
Mega Man Series – Play it Now

Listen to Manga Plasma
Thanks for helping out Near

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