VGPulse25:Caption N and the Masters of the Universe!?

Look Sonic 4 is crap thats how I start the podcast , and how I want to Start this post. What was Sega thinking what where you fans thinking that made you think for a minute this crap was a good idea. DON’T Play, look at, download, or think about this game it’s on the list of crap thats dead to me Final Fantasy 13 is a better buy then this. Anyway fun show with a guest review enjoy. AND DON’T BUY SONIC 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!

Hosted By: ShakeLOVE and Rainy
Guest Review: Millenniumx17 and Dark God Akito
No Bonus Content for the iPhone App

Live and Learn (theme to Sonic Adventure 2) – Crush40
I Can’t Turn you Loose – The Blues Brothers
Nobody does it better -Russ Pay

Sonic 4 – Gamefly It only received this rating because them going to give it one more chapter before I send it to Hell. It is Available as a Downloadable Title for -iOS,XboxLIVE,PSN and Wii market

Persona 3– Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers
Available for PS2

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