Episode 252: 5 Year Anniversary

So we’ve been podcasting for 5 years. Hard to believe, right? I reminisce a bit about the past, and look to the future. Then I talk about the news. I decided instead of a preview episode to instead talk about the most epic shonen series of all time, Dragon Ball. So I recap Dragon Ball and then talk about Dragon Ball Kai (Z). Don’t miss this one.

Show Notes


Intro – Dragon Soul by Tanimoto Takayoshi from Dragon Ball Kai
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Dragon Ball Kai – Download Now!

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0 Replies to “Episode 252: 5 Year Anniversary”

  1. Congratz,

    great show as always, bit lonely without Batou, your still the best Ichigo, keep up the great job with the podcast and keep the anime love strong!
    *BTW i am a bit disappointed you haven’t mentioned my choice of best opening anime song ever, which is awesome in my opinion, on other hand maybe it sucks and im just overnostalgic?!?

    *The song was “Shooting star” by Kotoko, from the anime Onegai Teacher!

  2. Re: DBZ names.
    Kuririn, from kuri = chestnut.
    Karin (cat) is pure pun since he’s the guardian of the tower. Tower is “tou” å¡” so Karin’s Tower is karintou かりんとう, which is a sugar coated fried bread snack.

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