VGPulse 30: One from the vault

This episode was recorded 5 times original it was to be our ladies night show with all female hosts talking about gaming. That had many epic fails then the show you are hearing it was my idea to see if using talk shoe would be a good idea for recording the show. Ya nope they really need to fix the recorded voice quality on talk shoe. So here is the episode. Also there will be a two week delay from this episode till episode 31 the holiday season has played havoc with recording days and times and hosts couldn’t get together. Lastly since there will be no real VG Pulse episode from now till Christmas. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hosts of this show: Millenniumx17, Rainy and Rhynoo

Seinfeld theme – TV archive
Nobody does it better – Russ Pay last time you’ll hear it on VG Pulse

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