Fan Pulse 02: Dude, where's my couch?

Oh Snap! Two in a row! The moral to take away from this episode is this “Insanity is defined by doing the same thing multiple times but expecting different results”. This week the boys are joined by Contra. Geth seems to be lagging, or maybe that’s just him. This one is more of a drunk story show, and apparently the guys aren’t old-school gamers. Come on guys, the code is “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start” (Select Start if two-player). Disappointing. I’ll be back next week, so enjoy the extended break from regular shows 🙂

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0 Replies to “Fan Pulse 02: Dude, where's my couch?”

  1. I have to say, although it’s still not very good, the audio was actually tolerable this time around. I would say on par with early VG Pulse episodes.

    I actually was fairly entertained during parts of this show. I would not mind if Ichigo used Fan Pulse OCCASIONALLY when he needed to fill for vacation. It could sort of negaAP, a show that is the antithesis of the main show in every way. Taken in that context, I personally find it somewhat amusing.

  2. That was my thought. It doesn’t really have a place as a regular show, but if they make more I will probably use them the next time I have to miss a show.

  3. I was thoroughly confused as to why at one point you guys were talking over one another.

    Also, I didn’t get why an mp3 was skipping, as if it was a record. There has to be a better copy of Gin&Juice out there. 😉

    Metal Gear rules!!

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