Fan Pulse Episode 6: Mio is a guy? O_o

It what only can be described as a marathon length episode, we talk about Halloween, the forums and what ever else comes to mind. We also preserve through some technical issues which result in many people poofing for extended lengths of time. Enjoy this episode of Fan Pulse and remember to suggest your own ideas in the forums.


Ichigo comments: They’re back with a super long episode to keep you from getting bored during Thanksgiving week. Enjoy! Special guest this week is XboxAlex.

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0 Replies to “Fan Pulse Episode 6: Mio is a guy? O_o”

  1. “The good thing about headphones is, that you can literary take them of.”
    Around 1 h. That made me lough so hard. Thank you.

  2. Probably worth noting that more often than not the fansubs are of higher quality than the official ones, in translation, encoding and typesetting.

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