VG Pulse 90: German Pulse

This week we are all here and find out that we no longer do a show on video games. Though we end up talking about them anyway. The big rumor on the internet is the steam box. Is Valve getting into console development or not, we discuss the good and bad of it. While there is not much else in the news, we find enough to get by. During the forum discussion we get your thoughts on the Pokemon sequels that are in the future. To finish this week off, I finally get around to the review that I have been meaning to do for 3 weeks now. I talk about the latest adventures of crime boss Jackie Estacado. Good times, Listen in to find out.

Show Notes


Intro – Inspector Gadget Techno
Outro – Main Menu Theme as heard in the video game The Darkness 2

DSP Gaming Cross Assault Video
Steam Box
Mass Effect Anime
Bad Judgement
Giving away WOW LV80 Characters


The Darkness 2 – Xbox 360, PS3, Microsoft Windows – ESRB”M”
MillenniumX17 – Buy It Now
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