Fan Pulse Episode 11: Lag makes the world go round (Feat. Mango’s pretty sounds)

Here is the next episode of Fan Pulse, so you know what to expect; randomness and technical difficulties. This episode we have no guest but it is still a good time with the four of us. We have Paltir, Geth, Ouran, and Otaku bringing you some noteworthy topics of discussions and as usual some other topics that might not be so noteworthy but still fun to hear. Since we don’t have a guest, it seemed fitting to include something from one of the listeners of the AP community. So this episode proudly presents an intro and outro by our very own XOMANGO who plays piano covers of Blinded by Light from Final Fantasy XIII and Dango Daikazoku from Clannad. If you don’t want to listen in to the episode, you must listen in to hear Mango’s amazing piano covers. You definitely will not be disappointed. So listen in!

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