Fan Pulse Episode 16: We Have No Friends Because Paltir Rants About Twilight

Welcome everyone to another episode of Fan Pulse. For the 16th episode we have lots of things to talk about. We discuss Haganai (the anime) and what we thought of it. We answer some viewer questions from our discussion thread and we go on random rants, though it is mostly Paltir in his usual ranty mood. Be sure to join us for a good time and we will see you all next time.


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0 Replies to “Fan Pulse Episode 16: We Have No Friends Because Paltir Rants About Twilight”

  1. Hey, great episode.

    I just want to let you guys to know that the problem about The Legend of Korra is that the show originally suppose to be a mini-series, like Roots. But I guess the creators underestimated the amount of popularity it gained, so Nick green-lighted 13 more episodes (during the season) for the first season and 26 episode for the second season.

    Maybe if Nickelodeon asks DiMartino and Konietzko for the extra episodes in an earlier date, the story would not be as cramp as it was.

  2. I didn’t really have a problem with Korra. (I think my sig pic in the forums gives that away) Nitpics here and there (can a sidekick get any love?) but loved the way they pulled it off.

    I think a spin-off I recently found fault with is Eureka Seven AO.

    Oh, there’s a new Fan Pulse? Must listen to that before 2013!

  3. Best episode of fan pulse so far,
    No technical difficulties, was AWEOME, half-professional (the best kind), made sense and was absolutely hilarious. Also, Paltir is a 100% tsundere towards Ouran 😉 world wide discovery

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