Manga Pulse 263: Cease and Desist Piccolo

I say Nay to the naysayers. I told you all I would update this and here it is complete with pertinent info.


Onepunch-Man – Read it Now.
Not in the USA
Kanojo wa Kanno Shosetsuka – Read it at Borders.
Not in the USA


Intro – Bad Motor Scooter by Montrose
Outro – Tip Toe Waltz by Yoko Kanno from Wolf’s Rain

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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 263: Cease and Desist Piccolo”

  1. The horror manga you were talking about, the one with the fartcopter, is called Gyo and is by Junji Ito. He also made Uzumaki (“The Curse of the Spiral”). I think both got “read it now” even when the Gyo episode says “borders”. Junji Ito’s work is extensive and I highly recommend all of it to anyone who wants to read psychological horror manga.

    About the guy that drank 15 liters of Squirt, it raminds me of “Kenan & Kel” and that amuses me more than it should.

  2. I think for any show to stay in air it has to give some profit to the producers and the TV network. And not be baned by the authorities I guess, but mainly there’s the moneys thing.

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