Manga Pulse 265: Will it Blow?

It’s Clunk. The Enchanter find’s Fox New’s secret manga. On a separate note I’ve been asking people for opinions on shirt ideas and have not heard much from people. Come on people emails us. Emails us with other things too we’ve been hurt n’ for emails.


DCD – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA
Jackals – Read it at Borders
Not in the USA


Intro – Cough Syrup by The Young Giant
Outro – Tip Toe Waltz by Yoko Kanno from Wolf’s Rain

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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 265: Will it Blow?”

  1. You get quite a few results if you search for “magi” on this site, since there are words like “magical” and “imagine”

    This is the episode where you reviewed Magi

    You gave it a crackers.

    I basically go with how a word is pronounced in a Japanese anime, even if the word is not of Japanese origin. So in the anime, Magi is pronounced mah-gee. Usually we pronounce that mey-jahy, but the character is not the same as the Magi from the bible, so let’s throw pronunciations out the window!

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