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  1. I think that people don’t understand the format (or lack of format, at times) of Manga Pulse because they jump right into the latest episode, and haven’t been listening since the beginning. It’s like when you boil lobster at low heat so that it doesn’t know it’s being cooked, rather than starting at high heat.

    I think they just need to listen to a few more episodes and get settled into the way MP operates.

    I’m watching the Karneval anime, and it feels to me like it’s made primarily for a girly audience, but it doesn’t go full BL because they want to get the hetero guys in there as well.

    Most of the male character designs and their behavior smacks of being made for a female audience. If you continue on with the anime or manga, you’ll come to the cutest (or strangest, depending on your POV) thing you learn about Nai’s background.

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