Fan Pulse Episode 23: What the F*** Sinanju?!

In this episode all the hosts are here except Geth. We are joined by ThatAnimeGuy to discuss Free!, The Legend of Korra, the internet in general and Sinanju. Listen in to hijinks ensuing and the typical Fan Pulse modus operandi of wondering off topic!

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0 Replies to “Fan Pulse Episode 23: What the F*** Sinanju?!”

  1. FP is awesome we need more frequent episodes. AP without Batou is just not worth listening to.

    Keep up the good work FP

  2. I’m sure it’s always good for the hosts of Anime Pulse to hear how worthless they are on a site called

    Anyway, since the MP guys are “in charge” now, maybe they’ll request fan pulse make episodes more often- or wipe them off the map. Muah-ha-ha!

  3. My hands are crumbling away, I give rats my spit in exchange for huddling for warmth, my eyes are…well they’re just gone. However! I will believe in a return of FP till my very end!

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