Episode 385: Kill the Occult Outbreak

Ichigo returns! Once again a trio, we bring you a great show this week, even in the face of technical difficulties. We cover the news, Ichigo updates us on life in Japan, we dive into the discussion question responses, and then its time for some anime. This week: Outbreak Company, Kill la Kill, and Occult Academy. Don’t miss it!

Show Notes


Intro – Univer Page by Mimori Suzuko from Outbreak Company
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Outbreak Company – Pi
Official Site

Kill la Kill – Wait until it hits the US and Netflix it
Official Site

Occult Academy – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Official Site

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0 Replies to “Episode 385: Kill the Occult Outbreak”

  1. I’m really surprised that Kill la Kill got a Netflix. In my estimation, it’s the anime highlight of 2013. I would have expected it to get at least a Crackers, even from TimeChaser, who of the three hosts I’d anticipate would like it least.

    Is there fanservice? Yes, yes there is. But this is not the appeal of the series. For anyone who can tolerate fanservice, there is an enjoyable, crazy, high-action anime here. For those who can’t tolerate fanservice, it’s probably not a good match. It’s not like Sakurasou, which had some fanservice in the early episodes just to try to trick people into viewing a decent story. Kill la Kill has a bunch of fanservice throughout, but it’s also not a plotless paper-thin excuse to show some skin; there is other stuff in there too.

    I can’t say if it’ll end up being my favourite series of 2013, because I’m likely to catch up on a few of the series that I didn’t watch while airing, but it’s certainly the frontrunner so far.

  2. @Hayden: I gave it a Netflix specifically because I knew there would be people out there who would probably like it. Personally, while the animation and action is great, I found everything else about it to be too loud and grating on my nerves.

    This makes me think that on a future show we (the hosts) should discuss our different tastes in anime so people can understand better why we give the ratings we give. I do tend to see that Red and Ichigo probably give higher ratings more generously than I do.

  3. Great show as always. Looking at the past reviews section i was suprised to find that Zeta Gundam has never been reviewed, granted it is a bit old, however a lot of Gundam fans consider it be the ‘best’ Maybe TC can review it sometime in the future

  4. The animation is actually not great. Even though I love Kill la Kill, sometimes the animation is ridiculously budget.

    Kill la Kill has lots of skin, but in the context, it’s goofing on magical girls, goofing on fan service in other shows, and it’s intentionally awkward at times. I’m no fool; they’re having their cake and eating it too. Still, their fan service is not always about titillation. Other shows just have complete breasts out, every episode.

    I regard Kill la Kill as more than a Netflix. For me, it’s like sunshine coming through my window.

  5. @TimeChaser: I’m not disappointed in the rating; I’m just genuinely surprised. I have listened every one of your AP reviews – condensed into the space of the previous half-year – so I feel like I already have a decent gauge of what you’d probably not dislike. That Kill la Kill would be in the “get this thing out of the way” category wasn’t what I would have predicted, especially since you gave Gurren Lagann an 8/10.

    I still think that you’d enjoy So Ra No Wo To, which is different in pretty much every way.

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