Popcorn Pulse 11: Dinosaur City

In his faux buttered episode of Popcorn Pulse Tim and Weltall fall through a wormhole and are assailed by everything bad about the early nineties. Clothes that everyone would be embarrassed to find in their closet? Check. Negligent parents? Double check. The sadest whitest rapping every shoehorned into the end credits of a movie? Check, check, check.

Adventure in Dinosaur City is chock full of awful slang, terrible puns and wild movie plots. While we fully recommend listening, here’s just a sample of what we talk about. These kids get sucked into the TV, because one of their parents stole the Tron laser, and they bring the remote with them. About halfway through the movie, they suddenly realize they have it with them and decide, out of nowhere, to try it on the inhabitants.

We also make mention of Erik the Viking after a very long rip through the few emails we’ve received. Would you believe we were sent a link to a Buzzfeed post and that it was clearly written by a mentally defective? We were shocked as you must be as they’ve never been known to post shoddy work.

No music this week cause of technical issues.

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