Manga Pulse 308: Crazy Times

Sorry about the poor release schedule as of late. Everyone is going through a lot of stuff. There are deals we can’t discuss, taxes, sickness, vacations, investigations, moving and many other things between all of us and it has been might busy. Here is an episode for you listening enjoyment. Everything should be back to normal soon, then we can mess it all up again…

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0 Replies to “Manga Pulse 308: Crazy Times”

  1. Guys I can’t download earlier manga pulse episodes from 1-181 whats going on with the site? are you guys making this easier some how? I’m sure you have back ups somewhere, grouping up the fir 181 podcasts shouldn’t be hard guys

  2. Actually I want to listen to those episodes 2. Weltall do something about this. I’d pay $50 for those episodes

  3. I agree 100% I’m new and I’d like to start from the begin of this show. I wouldn’t mind paying

  4. I like this idea, I’m game for it aswell. it could also be a good hold over for waiting for the next Manga pulse episodes while listening to really old ones

  5. Sendithome makes a good point, I know you guys are lazy unless we “the fans” persuade you to do stuff. in the form of money. Which is the bread and butter of persuasion. I support getting older Manga pulse episodes

  6. Yeah if we just ask for it willy nilly Weltall’s excuse would be that he’s lazy. Laziness can be paid away. Which I support whole heartedly

  7. I keep throwing money at the screen and I can only imagine weltall sleeping. As I scream in his face because god knows Tim the Jew won’t do it the fuck

  8. Myself I remember having a hardtime getting earliar podcasts that don’t support in iTunes. I mean I tried collecting old anime pulse episodes with Batou and rename them “the batou chronicles” I want to make this not a troubled tedious task

  9. They have back ups of past episodes? Then why aren’t they on iTunes? I’m pissed I wanna see those episodes WELTALL YOU SHIT DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS

  10. MANGA PULSE EPISODE 1-181?! I’d like to those on my android, someone set that up. I want download all those older episodes. I don’t think anyone torrented them yet but these guys would be shit out of luck if someone beats the to the punch like news pulse

  11. This all sounds like it could a subscriber bonus if they implemented it correctly. I hope they do it

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