Manga Pulse 309: Squee Gee Bee

Within the rotting halls of the internet, there remain some hidden gems. Like a fabled archaeologist of yore, Tim and Weltall search for things which belong in a museum. Sure, it’s a manga museum in Japan and half of what they find wouldn’t be allowed in as it’s foreign and anathema to the country but still.

Tim tackles Gwi, which may or not rhyme with squee. We could have looked it up, the internet is right there after all, but we are incredibly lazy. There’s some hacky and slashy which Tim will discuss, at length, within the episode. Weltall roman greco wrestles The Gamer which he found because he’s such a big fan of Gerard Butler. While you should listen for details, it may be the only comic we’ve reviewed that actually has an excuse to assign levels to characters.

For a finale we read through a list of conspiracy myths that a bunch of people believe and were willing to say so to a survey. Listen to us prove that we’re definitely not experts on medicine or other subjects as we tear through them.



Freak Boutique (Spiedkiks) / CC BY-SA 3.0


Kitchen Suite (Spiedkiks) / CC BY-SA 3.0
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