Popcorn Pulse 13: Outragous Science

We discuss an evil corporations Latin cousin, then we invite you to follow us through our adventure of My Science Project. Back in middle school I did a science project about the effects of different color lights on plant growth. I even used a black light which made the damn thing grow like crazy. Oh and the movie was bad.

The Enchanter decides to break our non rules and talk about something you have probably already seen. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I have nothing funny or witty to say about this. Just listen to him blab about it.

Weltall is Outraged. Mostly because he can’t seem to describe anything in this movie well enough not to sound like a lunatic.



Kitchen Suite (Spiedkiks) / CC BY-SA 3.0


No outro???

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0 Replies to “Popcorn Pulse 13: Outragous Science”

  1. Don’t you guys think its about time you covered manly action films from the 80s and early 90s,by that I mean of course films such as Face Off, Commander, and other fine works by the man himself John woo.

  2. @setithome. You can download the anime pulse app on the iTunes App Store or on the android store. The app lets you access all past anime pulse episodes as well as all previous manga pulse episodes, in addition to VG pulse and popcorn pulse.Hope that helps 🙂

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