Popcorn Pulse 15: Sherriff Glory

Let us pitch you a movie. A small town with a corrupt sheriff who owns everything. A man and his family transported there begin to clash with the local law enforcement. When he’s finally pushed to the edge, the main character lashes out with the only weapon he has, a goddamned tank.

If that sounds like a movie you’d want to watch, let Tim and Weltall explain why you don’t. Like how James Garner’s character keeps mentioning a dead son that adds nothings to the story. Or C Thomas Howell whining to look what they did to him before he grew a pain, joined the Wolverines and fought off the Soviets. Even better are the parts of the movie that become a documentary on a day in the life of a commanding officer.

Tim then reviews Ice Soldiers, a movie about super soldiers from the USSR who are attempting guerrilla warfare on the US by indiscriminately killing a bunch of Canadians on their way to New York. Weltall uses his review to remind people about the Academy Award winning Glory and why it deserves the recognition it received.



Python (Rolemusic) / CC BY 4.0


So Far So Close (Jahzzar) / CC BY-SA 4.0
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