Popcorn Pulse 16: Lord of Hills

Hollywood loves nothing more to go back to the well of nostalgia which they believe to be safe. No one ever seems to notice when that well has been poisoned by time or that leaky toxic waste barrel containing the body of the executive who greenlit Batman and Robin. Which explains why we’re going to be treated to such wonderful, and completely necessary, sequels like Mrs Doubtfire 2 and Dumb and Dumber To.

So with all the fraudulent sequels being produced these days we felt it was worth revisiting a seemingly older one in Return to Oz. Instead of being a terrible sequel, it turns out to be an attempt to be more true to the books. This probably doomed it from the get go when audiences were expecting musical numbers rather than creepy men skating around on all fours.

Tim then talks about that dark period in Clive Barker’s career, i.e. any point from the nineties onward, with Lord of Illusion. If features Scott Bakula before someone decided to use him to butcher Trek canon and the evil police chief fro Super Troopers as a magic wielding prophet. Weltall then attempts to prove that Sean Connery did something beside Bond back in the sixties with The Hill. Movies were simpler then and the titular Hill does, in fact, play a pivotal role.



The Company (Multifaros) / CC BY 3.0


I Remember When (Gates) / CC BY-SA 3.0
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  1. Tim or weltall, do you want me to find more stuff by the guys who did suburban knights? Becuase they have more stuff. Reply back in here

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