Manga Pulse 313: Toking Storm

The ground of manga does not run red with the life blood of eviscerated works this week. Tim reviews Tokage no Ou where a boy with the ability to change his eye color finds out just how useless a power that is when confronted with people who can double jump and cut guns in half with their mind. This is a manga that goes on about pacing and Tim loves himself some pacing so you won’t be surprised at the rating.

Weltall tackles Red Storm which shares part of the name with a Tom Clancy novel(and game from 1988). Unfortunately, it does not show how ‘Murica can defeat the USSR through good ol’ fashioned ‘Murican gumption, grit and folksy sayings. Fortunately it does offer amusing training montages, desert landscapes and an ego big enough to make Wetall take notice.

With those spent the emails generate a lot of pointless conversation this week. So a big thanks to the folks that sent in chatter generation. Without that, how else would we have started trying to decide which actors would belong on our dream Quidditch team and what position they would play?

Weltall: Red Storm – Read it Now.
Not in the USA
Tim the Enchanter: Tokage no Ou – Read it Now.
Not in the USA



Maple Leaf Rag (1899, Z. Brewster-Geisz version) / / Public Domain Mark 1.0


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