Manga Pulse 314: Hot Flags

If there’s one thing that Weltall and Tim are, it’s timely. Their discussion of the latest polio vaccine was the forerunner of talk before the large newspapers dared touch it. The first people to discuss the steam engines and its ramification upon the empire? Tim and Weltall; weeks before the telegraph carried the story across the Atlantic.

So it is that we also received and processed a request to review two separate works written by a single author. Tim reviews Mousugu Shinu Hito which begins like a standard harem. Childhood friend, yawn, a cute girl at school, sigh, and a transfer student, groan, is almost enough to put you to sleep. Then they go out to WcDonalds, which we are officially pronouncing Wack-Donalds because it’s awesome, and an I-beam falls from the sky and kills the transfer student. And that’s how you deal with transfer student tropes folks.

Weltall then talks about Kanojo Ga Flag O Oraretara. The main character, Hatate Souta, can see status flags on people and he uses this to manipulate his relationships with them. The highlight of this manga is not only the twist on tropes but the visual gags. It’s like the artist and author understood that manga is a visual medium and the humor doesn’t have to come from dialogue.

Weltall: Kanojo Ga Flag O Oraretara – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA
Tim the Enchanter: Mousugu Shinu Hito – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA




My Always Mood (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0
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