Popcorn Pulse 18: 13 Games

There are a lot of people who will bad mouth the nineties. Mostly those who grew up in the eighties and associate the appearance of acne, hair and an awkward feeling in their pants when they spot their classmates in gym class. There are plenty of good things that came out of it though like the cultural cornerstones of pogs and Spawn which continue to impact millions everyday.

On that note, we decided to talk about The Fugitive(1993). Based on the TV show from the mid sixties, it’s more evidence that an adaptation doesn’t have to suck. It stars Harrison Ford when he possessed intensity and didn’t just stare off into space, wishing someone would run him over and end it. Yes folks, Han Solo wasn’t always a despondent mannequin who mumbled.

Weltall then goes over another remake, 13 Assassins[2010]. There’s a guy who’s bad and he’s going up in rank, always a bad sign, and the shogun wants him dead. As he can’t move publicly, he reaches out to an assassin to take care of it who recruits, Ocean’s Eleven style, a cadre. Together they plot and plan to take out the villain with the two esses, stabbin’ and ‘splosions.

Tim then gets around to a long awaited request, Maximum Surge[2003]. A movie which was requested by it’s alternate title, Game Over. First, imagine someone so desperate to make a movie that they would cobble together over twenty minutes of cut scenes as padding between a nonsensical plot. Second, imagine that the highest billed actors are the people who filmed those scenes for an unreleased game. Third, picture a “programmer” who doesn’t appear capable of playing a game to save his life. You now have a loose idea of what Maximum Game Over Surge will be.



A Craftier Thief (Architect 25) / CC BY 3.0


The Great Break-off (The Insider) / CC BY-SA 3.0
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