Manga Pulse 315: Log Master

.hack was incredibly dull and pretentious. This naturally means there are about thirty five sequels that have come out through the years. It never fails to ask the question, can we make dull people playing a dull game interesting? To be fair, we could never get past the early espisodes/volumes. A lot of mangas centered on MMOs also seem to explore in the same vein.

Luckily, there seems to be at least one manga that wants to try and be interesting. Log Horizon features people who’ve been drawn into the world of their favorite MMO after a magic update. It deals with them coping with the world around them and trying to find a way out. Though the first four chapters aren’t enough to give a strong picture of which way it’s going.

Weltall then reviews a sex offender’s diary in manga form, Onani Master Kurosawa. It starts with a creepy kid who marks girls in his class as “targets” then sneaks into the girls bathroom after school to jack it. After someone catches him, she blackmails him into leaving special sauce on the uniforms of their enemies. And right about then, you’d expect Chris Hansen to step out and ask them what they’re there for.

Weltall: Onani Master Kurosawa – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Not in the USA
Tim the Enchanter: Log Horizon – Read it at Borders.
Not in the USA



Underclocked (underunderclocked mix) (Eric Skiff) / CC BY 3.0


A Night Of Dizzy Spells (Eric Skiff) / CC BY 3.0
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