Popcorn Pulse 21: Frequent Piercing

The top Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel are, as follows. How do I make sure that anyone I sleep with doesn’t turn out to be a relative of mine? Why shouldn’t I just use my future knowledge to invest? And, why the hell am I having so much trouble killing that pesky Adolf?

Unless we’re talking about the movie Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. Fans of the IT Crowd will be pleased to know we finally tackled this movie. It was at least one first in the history of Popcorn Pulse in that Tim suggested it and Weltall didn’t hate him for it after. It is proof that Anna Farris can be in a movie that’s not packed to the rafters with fart jokes in place of dialogue.

Weltall then discusses the barely released Snowpiercer. In spite of the star power and the high concept, Hollywood had so little faith in it that Blended is easier to find in theaters right now. Considering Adam Sandler’s abomination came out in May, that’s beyond terrifying. Weltall does lay down the reasons you should see it at some point.

Tim then discusses the remake of Depsarate Hours from 1990 starring, then, future Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke. It follows the same beats as the original while trying to convince us the Rourke is the smartest man in the room. Tim discusses the best parts of the film. This includes Hopkins giving a few of his trademarked intensity in a couple of scenes.




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