Popcorn Pulse 24: Ghost Ho

Sometimes we like to perform scientific experiments here in the pulse network. We are, after all, prone to bias just as the next squishy humans in spite of our expensive cybernetic upgrades. For example, there is the hypothesis that when Tim picks the movie of the week Weltall is sad.

In yet another test done towards that end we did a joint review of Ghost in the Machine. A vehicle for Karen Allen of “Who the fuck is that? Oh yeah, the lady from Raiders of the Lost Ark” fame. It also has Chris Mulkey who is another of the inexplicably recognizable members of the “That Guy” cadre. It features a serial killer who gains immortality on an early nineties internet, the ability to hack electrical lines and a very pixilated body. Did we mention that there’s a scene where people play a video game like a lobotomized Walrus?

Weltall then discusses a spiritual successor to Clerks called Bros Before Hoes. It even features a video store for hijinks and shenanigans. Tim then digs further into the cesspool of the seventies and talks about The Car. It features a younger, scowly James Brolin and the inspiration for a character design in an episode of Futurama.



HomeBaser (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0


AstroTurf (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0
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