Popcorn Pulse 25: Hallow End

Being as this was made and intended as a Halloween companion episode, or at least themed as such, we decided that a throwback into something within the horror genre would do. Which left us with the mere burden of choice. What to choose? A slasher or zombie flick would be expected though trite. We both abhor found footage and similar films so that left quite a few movies in the bin.

So we settled on a classic story, redone possibly as often as Shakespeare within horror, Dracula 2000. Set in the year 2000, and named thusly for no reasons other than to remind folks who’d just awoken from cryosleep what year it is. It stars Gerard Butler before he was a Scottish Spartan wearing enough black to make Neo think it’s gauche and the lead from Hackers.

Weltall, sticking with the vampire thread, decides to talk about Dracula Untold. It’s basically a Dracula version of Maleficent starring that guy who shoots Smaug. It borrows a little bit of history with a dash of well known pop culture mythology. Big pluses are that there are familiar vampires who are nowhere within a parsec of sparkling.

Tim then spends a few minutes talking about Dead Snow, a Norwegian horror/comedy. While it has some genuine funny moments, it does offer too many nods to The Evil Dead. He does encourage you to play survivor bingo and don’t be too surprised if you’re wrong on who survives to the end.



Braadslee (RoccoW) / CC BY 3.0


Blargh (RoccoW) / CC BY 3.0
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