Script 2 Script 2: Congo

Hosted by Tim and Vanessa
With the smashing success our last show was we knew we had to do another. That is to say, it wasn’t actually up yet and no one could respond to it. So we went ahead and recorded another one without feedback because we sometimes do what we want.

The focus of this show is the brief obsession everyone experienced with Michael Crighton back in the nineties. Everyone knows and loves the Jurassic Park adaptation and it made all the money when it came out. So naturally every one of his book that could be optioned, was. Which is how we ended up with Sphere, The Thirteenth Warrior and Congo. We read then watched Congo because it’s arguably the worst of those three.

There are some many notably weird decisions in the adaptation that it constantly stops and makes you ask what the hell? For example, why do they need a diamond to make a laser? How exactly does that make communication satellites work better? Why do the evil gorillas have fangs? Who’s idea was it to waste Bruce Campbell on a measly bit part when he should have been a costar?

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