Popcorn Pulse 27: What Wound

There was a time in the nineties when Steven Segal’s agent would actually call him back. This was around the same time he actually fit into suits and didn’t look ridiculous squinting angrily at anyone who dared put their fists in his personal space. It was the nineties and it was a heady time for all of us.

Then the millennium came and went and we discovered he wasn’t all that cool. Hollywood still hadn’t gotten the memo so they stuff Segal into a uniform and a movie, paired him with DMX and called it a day. Which is how we ended up with Exit Wounds, a movie which was based on a book that everyone decided to ignore and, instead, created a generic story featuring corrupt cops and drugs. Also Tom Arnold and Anthony Anderson are in it as comic relief. Consider yourself warned.

Weltall then discusses the movie What If? starring Daniel “Potter” Radcliffe. In it he meets a girl who makes him a friend. Like a creepy “nice guy” he follows her around because of coincidence and somehow wins her over. Though it does have some amusing moments like Radcliffe getting punched for trying to follow her across the country.

Tim then discusses Runaway Train, starring Jon Voight. Voight plays a safe cracker who escapes prison and ends up on the titular train about a half hour into the movie. Discussions happen, people nearly die and Jon gets his fingers crushed in a Janney coupler(thank you internet). Also it was written by Akira Kurosawa in case you were a fan that somehow didn’t see this already.



Wizard House (Azureflux) / CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


CopperNickle (UncleBibby) / CC BY 4.0
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